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I am very inspired by a website that I stumbled across today on Craig’s List. I wanted to take a moment to spread the word about this blog and to “pay it forward” by sharing this link with others. Please click the link to check it out: 


While I love my blog (and so do all of you),  my purpose in writing it is to provide myself with some form of “free” therapy and expression. I have lots of thoughts, lots of feelings, lots of rants…and this is the perfect way for me to get them out there. But, do you see what this is about?  It’s all about ME. And while I am in love with myself – of course – I am truly amazed that someone would take the time to start a blog (a daily blog at that!) about helping other people. 1 Way Everyday Blogger – I commend you. Thank you for stepping up. Thank you for taking the time to make all of us a little more humble and aware of what the important things in life should be. 

Not my Juicy Couture purse that I SO love…

Not my closet full of designer clothes and Jessica Simpson heels…

Not my Chanel shades that exude “awesomeness” every time I wear them… 

Now, hold on! I’m not all bad. For those of you who know me well, you know that I have two causes which inspire me. Not that all causes don’t inspire me, but I’d like to take a moment to tell you about MY two causes. 

1.) The Alzheimer’s Association
2.) Animal Rights 

I have supported animal rights for a long time. No, I’m not a vegetarian. But, I hate to hear of animals being mistreated or abused. Animals are innocent creatures here to love us. I have two cats and one dog. If my house was on fire I would run in to rescue them. My one cat – Kelsey – is actually a special needs cat. When no one would take him, I took him in and have given him a comfy home and lots of love. 

I’ve rescued three other cats and am currently volunteering at the Cat Guardians Shelter in Lombard, IL. (http://www.catguardians.org/) Cat Guardians is a local no-kill shelter. I meet so many amazing cats and kittens in search of new homes. It breaks my heart to hear stories of people deciding one day that they just don’t want their cat anymore. Poor Ozzie, a recently adopted fat cat, was left on the shelter door step with a note that said “My name is Ozzie.” Ozzie is big and fat and furry and sooo loving. I’m so happy he has found a new home. I am humbled to be a part of this organization. I wish I had more time and money to give. 

The other cause for which I am a strong supporter of is the National and the Greater Illinois Alzheimer’s Association (http://www.alz.org). I recently became a supporter of this cause because my grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s one year ago. My grandma turns 69 on April 3rd. It is devastating to watch a loved one suffer from any disease. For me, watching my grandma, who was like a 2nd mother to me, slowly lose her mind is incredibly disheartening. And, believe me, this old Irish woman still has a lot of life left in her! But, sadly, she’s disappearing on us. We treasure each and every moment with her. My papa is her caregiver. He sees changes in her every day. He is doing an amazing job of taking care of her, and I am so proud of him! I will forever give to and support the Alzheimer’s Association in honor of my Grandma Bonnie. (I love you, Grandma!) 

So, upon stumbling on the 1 Way Everyday Blog I decided I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about what inspires me. And I wanted to take a moment to remind all of you to be thankful and inspired as well. Please, check out http://1wayeveryday.blogspot.com/ and become a supporter of the charity that inspires you! 

God Bless~