Wait – I’m Chandler Bing?

Monica and Chandler Bing. Photo courtesy of "Friends."


On April 18th my husband and I had the pleasure of meeting Wen.  Wen is the owner/founder of Wen Photographer.  Wen is from Malaysia and came to the states to finish her college degree.  Seems she is here to stay!  She is a Chicago (and suburbs) wedding photographer and lives in the suburbs with her husband and two kitties.  

We met Wen at Busse Woods in Schaumburg on a beautiful sunny (albeit chilly) Sunday afternoon for a maternity photo session.  We were Wen’s first maternity session.  I don’t know if she was as nervous as we were, but she definitely had her hands full with us! 

My husband is a total jokester.  He’s like the embarrassing parent where he says something and the teenager roles her eyes and says, “Dad, you are so embarrassing!”  That’s how I feel half the time.  And me?  I TOTALLY have Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry from the sitcom “Friends”) syndrome – I just can’t seem to take a “normal” picture.  I’m totally un-photogenic which in turn makes me try even harder to take a good picture.  Apparently I make this weird face as soon as the camera flashes – a la Chandler Bing – and I always look off

You might think I’m being too critical of myself, but truth be told, the first time I met my friend’s brother he said, “Hi, you’re Jen?  You look so much better in person!” 

I know, WTF, (seriously, who says that!) and now I have a complex. (Thanks Mikel). 

I shouldn’t be so hard on Mikel.  Even my husband tells me I ‘try too hard’ especially when I try to look sexy.  LOL, gee thanks! 

Well, apparently Wen and my husband were in agreement on my strange facial expressions and Wen kept trying to catch me off-guard.  Bless her heart, as I said, she definitely had her hands full with a sensitive prego and her wise-cracking husband. 

That said, we absolutely adored her.  She was friendly and personable, yet patient and kind.  She definitely has a talent for making her clients feel comfortable in order to catch their most natural and beautiful selves.  We had such a great time on our photo shoot, and we loved Wen.  I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a wedding photographer. 

Please click here to check out my maternity shots and a big BIG thank you to Wen for taking the time to make this event special for both my husband and I and our future Bambino! 

Photo courtesy of Wen Photographer. http://www.wenphotos.com

Author: jlee5879

Office manager by day...struggling writer by night

3 thoughts on “Wait – I’m Chandler Bing?”

  1. Definitely great photo! And you have such a knack for writing/storytelling! Seriously, I’m not just trying to be nice and I don’t go around telling everyone they’re great all the time! 😛

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