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Hello friends!

I am back in business…I’m sure you have missed me the last two months. I can’t believe I’ve actually been M.I.A. for two months!

BUT — I have a good excuse.

On 7/22/2010 my husband and I welcomed our daughter Eva Earleen Lee Bodoh at 2:35 a.m. She was 5 lbs. 8 oz. and 17.25″ long. She was a little peanut! Thank God, as I was terrified to give birth! Labor and delivery went well – but I definitely recommend the epidural.

Of course every woman has her own birthing story, and I am no exception. While my labor and delivery did go well, Eva’s birth did not go completely without a hitch. I had some extensive bleeding and Eva wound up in the NICU due to fluid in her lungs.

We are now 100% – but not without a scare last week. I have a separate blog to share with all the details on that!

Thanks for your patience friends! And enjoy the pics of my little squirt, Eva!