The Interview

Pretty Little Liars photo courtesy of

During another extremely boring day of work I decided to look on Craig’s List hoping to stumble across someone dying to publish a novel, my novel, Concrete Boots.

Unfortunately, there was no posting for “funny, witty, snotty Italian chick who wrote a book about all the drama she entailed working for her rich, handsome albeit complete douche bag boss.” I did, however, stumble upon this:

Need funny&smart writers for TV/Fashion blog (USA)

Seriously! Does this sound like me or what? This is where you all need to comment and say how much you love my blog and how much you love me despite all my flaws; that I’m the heroine you read about hoping that I somehow manage to prevail despite all those (blog readers or otherwise) against me; and that MUST – I mean MUST – hire moi.

“Hire” is a funny word as this is an unpaid gig – but we writers have to start somewhere. And here it is. Here is my window opening. Is that the saying? Rather, my big opportunity. This is my chance to carpe diem.

… maybe this will be my new future that I’m always dreaming about. I won’t need to escape to Vegas and star in Peepshow with Holly Madison after all.

I can be … a writer.

So, folks, here it is. I’m interviewing to write for (go ahead, click on the site and check it out. I guarantee you’ll like it, if you like me, that is.)

I want to write for the website about the new teen show I absolutely lllloooovvvveee. No, not The Secret Life of the American Teenager, although, ahem, I do love that show. Don’t judge. But, I want to write about ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars.

Have you seen this show? This show is the Desperate Housewives for 20-30-year-olds. Who wants to watch a bunch of has-been old ladies sleeping around Wisteria Lane???? Not me friends. Pretty Little Liars has class and humor, hot girls and cool looks, and an element of mystery….so sit back with me and a glass of wine and watch ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars. Hopefully after this blog post I will be writing up all the deets of this trendy new show.

Go to to watch full episodes before Season 2 starts January 3, 2011.