Here’s an Idea…

“Take your spam and shove it up your ass.”

So was emailed to me today by General Disaster which inspired this blog. First and foremost, thank you General Disaster for your lovely words. I am truly touched that you took two minutes out of your life to help me come up with a blog topic – this blog topic – which questions …


Well, my answer to you, blog friends, would be General Disaster. General Disaster is what the fuck is wrong with society. Hiding behind a fake name he feels he can say or do whatever he wants with no consequences. The world has lost all touch with reality…with face-to-face hello’s and good-bye’s.

I’ve blogged before about how fucking rude people are and how much it annoys me, but that was in the case of Eugene Levy slamming the door in my face or Dunkin B*tch being a God-awful bitch to me every morning at Dunkin Donuts.

The difference between Eugene Levy and Dunkin B*tch is they have the guts to be rude to someone’s face. Whether they have balls or are just plain ignorant morons, who knows, but at least they look me in the eye when they decide to be douchebags. As least they face me “like a man.” Unlike General Disaster. General Disaster, who shoots a negative email off into cyber space and somehow feels vindicated, as though he is going to somehow change the world with his snarky and narcissistic behavior.

Well, news flash, General Disaster. Hiding behind an email does not make you smart. Or funny. Or tough. Or sophisticated. Hiding behind the name “General Disaster” is wimpy and childish. At least have the balls to email me your name when you decide to tell me to shove my spam up my ass. At least invite a response.

What am I even talking about? How did this all even begin, you ask?

I often post my blog address on Craig’s List. Before you boo me — I post it in the volunteer section. I post that I’m looking for blog readers and that I’d like people to email me ideas for blog topics.

I’ve been written before by a fellow writer who said posting my blog on Craig’s List is like “soliciting” fans. I see his point. But, I look at it as free advertising. I’m actually advertising my blog for readers through a free service. Is it really any different than posting my blog updates on Facebook?

Agree or disagree, I don’t really care! I actually think it makes me rather smart and ambitious to put my words out there. I keep hoping that someone – a publisher, or Donald Trump, emails me back that they are dying to give me money – like millions – to write a novel for them. You just never know. I’m sure I’m dreaming.

Anyways …. so I posted my blog “ad” on Craig’s List/Chicago/Volunteers and within minutes I get an email with the subject: idea for your blog

Yayy! A comment, I think.

I open the email to find: Here’s an idea–take your spam and shove it up your ass.

Wow. Moving. Intellectual. Funny. Well, it is actually funny because I started laughing my ass off.

I was cracking up that General Disaster was possibly trying to ruin my day and make me feel bad…much like the “Fashion Conscious” writers at my writer’s conference, but this time I triumphed.

This time instead of being a wimp and crying about people not taking me seriously, or me being stupid because I care about US Weekly and Teen Mom, or me wallowing in self-pity tonight with a bottle of Cabernet – there will be wine though tonight – this time I’m standing tall and proud and giving General Disaster a big ‘ol F You! If you don’t like it, too fucking bad!

Go ahead, General Disaster, and hide behind your identity. It’s much easier to do mean things to someone anonymously. To not have to face them and look them in the eye. It’s easy sending an email telling someone to “shove it up their ass.”

But I have more class than that.

Well…sort of. More class would be me deleting the email and not giving a shit. But, today just doesn’t feel like that kind of day. So here you go readers. Remember to treat others with kindness and respect for you never know if they will blog about you.

Thank you, General Disaster, for inspiring me to write this blog with YOUR blog idea! And next time you want to be a douche, please leave your name at least.

Author: jlee5879

Office manager by day...struggling writer by night

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