I totally said I wasn’t going to do this.  I wasn’t going to stoop to that level.  I was going to hold my head and move forward.


That lasted one day.

See, I posted a new blog about winning the Versatile Blogger Award.  You might have seen it, titled “I Won An Award B*tches!” In that post I had to pass the Versatile Blogger Award onto 12 other blogs.  Maybe I’m small minded, but sorry I think winning something as cheesy as a Versatile Blogger Award is pretty darn cool.

I’m just a nice Italian girl who wants my blog to get noticed….I have a lot to say.  I’ve also written a pretty b*tchin book that I want to get published (anyone, anyone??).  I’ll gladly accept that award, and I’ll gladly pass it on.  Let’s share the wealth.  Let’s help each other get noticed!

And then this.  One of the blogs that I follow, that I posted in the original article (it’s been since deleted), apparently wasn’t too keen on the Versatile Blogger Award.  Seems she thought I was some sort of crazy psycho stalker.  I mean, I’ve been called crazy and psycho before…oh right, and a stalker.  Yes, in “My Sign of the Apocalypse” when I realized that I was actually stalking my stalker.

Hmm…kind of scary I guess.  But not Norman Bates scary.  I mean, maybe I’m inappropriate at times or I lack boundaries….(remember the “serial killer” comment?) ….

But I have a good heart, and I always mean well despite the “oh no she di’int” moments.

That said I awarded the Versatile Blogger Award to this gal whose blog I had been following.  She seems super cute and nice.  She always writes really inspirational pieces, and I just find her adorable and love reading about what she’s up to.  She lives in Singapore, is probably in her early 20s, goes to school, and models clothing on the side.

Because I subscribe to her blog (or subscribed, now past tense) I got an email the next day that she had a new blog post.  Cool, I thought, What’s she been up to?  I click on the link and it says:  “Password Protected.  This post is password protected.  Please enter the password to read.”


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The blog is now password protected?  Is this because of me?  Did my cute Singapore friend think I’m weird or creepy or something?  Oh my gosh!

So I’m staring at my computer completely stunned.  Wow, I must have really offended this girl for her to password protect her blog.  I mean, that is the whole point of writing a blog – so people read it.  And to go to all that trouble.


So, as much as I kept telling myself, It’s OK, Jen.  Let it go.  Let it go.  You know I’m not good at letting things go.  I mean, I did try some deep breathing exercises, but I kept going back to how can this girl do this?  I awarded her the Versatile Blogger Award!  Of course then I must blame her, as did my friend who said, “Well, she’s just f*cking weird, anyways.  Enough said.”

Agreed, but it was still plaguing me.

I just had to email my soul sister, SzaboInSlowMo, who passed the award on to me.  Did she get any negative feedback?  Am I the only one?  OMG, the anxiety over this!  Then I thought, Geez, this woman doesn’t know me!  There I go again, being all inappropriate.

SzaboInSlowMo’s response was so sweet!  She said of one of the bloggers she gave the award to: “she wrote her next blog kind of talking about how silly the award was and how she didn’t think bloggers should promote themselves. blah blah blah. I figured I didn’t really start it, because people are passing those around and it’s rude to criticize people who are bringing traffic to your blog, but I guess some are snobbish about that kind of thing…thinking they’re professional bloggers, haha.”


Then yesterday as I was blog surfing, I mean working, I stumbled upon this blog post Please Stop Just Sayin’ by TamaraOutLoud.

Intrigued by her title I decided to check it out. It’s a very well-written post – even humorous really – but she basically asks people to stop talking in slang…as in just sayin’, whatev, totes, LOL, WTF, OMG…and because that’s basically my speak I was sort of offended by it.  I mean, to each their own, but just because I talk stupid doesn’t mean I am stupid.

Of course I commented.  I wrote: “Wow, you guys take yourself wayyy too seriously.  Chillax losers!!!!”

Inappropriate, I know.  Why do I always do that?

And to make it even worse – yeah, I had a typo.  I spelled too “to.”  OMG.

People seriously need to stop taking themselves so seriously.  Seriously, umkay?

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