“Like” Little Pea’s on Facebook Damnit!

I’ve never blogged a recommendation for a specific business or company before.  Usually I just b*tch about something or tell a dumb story about my Juicy Couture bag or Dunkin B*tch at Dunkin Donuts (yes, she still works there!).  To be quite honest I am stumped here.  I’m not sure how to do this effectively.

I tried to Google “how to write a blog about someone else’s business” with no such luck.  I mean articles on the topic exist, but they were useless for my purposes.

What I’m struggling with here is how do I successfully tell you my opinion on someone else’s product or business and talk you into liking it yourself?  Do you even care?  Will I sound sincere?  Will you think I’m being paid off?  Am I forcing an unwanted opinion down your throat?

Kami made this for My Chiquita for her 1 Year Birthday! Adorable!

Here’s the thing,,,,I have an “Advertise” button on my page allowing people to contact me about advertising their products on my blog.  I guess I never really thought about what that meant?  I just thought it looked professional and sounded really cool. Yeah, advertise your wine and vodka on my blog.  Sweet!  Do I get a sample?  OK, that’s being insincere now.

Wow, I really need to get to the point.  What I am doing here is introducing a new business to you!  I am very very excited to announce the launch of:


Little Lacie wearing her mama's bow and a onesie that says "The Bigger the Bow the Better the Mama"

Yayy!  This fun and creative business was started by my cousin Kami Terry.  Because I am sooo proud of her for making this leap and having faith in herself I offered to write a blog about her new business.  Yes, I offered.  She did not ask me to write this.  And honestly, she will probably be horrified by how much of a mess this is turning out to be!  Kami…please know that I have anxiety about this right now!

I always have these grande ideas of doing something totally fab for someone else.  I mean totes fab. 🙂  And then I actually get into it, and I’m like, Hmm, what am I supposed to do????  I actually did this just today with my UFO donation of a Christmas gift for the troops.  Well, now I’m getting sidetracked.  But, what I did really quick was I organized this drive at my office to bring in items to send overseas.  I got everything together and just had to drop it off.  I kept saying, Oh…I’ll drop it off tomorrow.  Tomorrow.  Tomorrow.

Yesterday I finally said, shoot, when do I need to turn this in by?  Um…today.  From 9 am – 5 pm which is very inconveniently during my working hours so I had to beg my mom to drop it off for me.  Oops.  And she has the Chiquita today.  I’m sure she’s loving hating me right now.

Anyways, back to Kami and her fab business….Little Pea’s Bowtique.  Here is an interview I was lucky to get with the business owner herself:

Why did you choose the name Little Pea’s Bowtique?

I chose Little Pea’s Bowtique because Lacie’s [daugher] nickname is “Pea.” Has been since I first found out I was pregnant. And the “Bowtique” because I make fun and crazy bows!

What gave you the idea to start this creative business?

Seeing all the creations got me excited. I started thinking maybe I could make some money by making these items. And it’s fun!

A flower complete with a feather!

How do you get ideas to make the items that you make?

My mom and I brainstorming. I see different bows in the store, and try to duplicate them and make them cuter!

Is it time consuming to make these items? How do you do it while working [another job] and being a mommy?

Yes, it is very time consuming. I get all my work done at night when Lacie is sleeping, or if she isn’t sleeping yet – and if I’m with my parents – they watch her! HUGE help!

Do you put lots of bows on your daughter, Lacie? What kind of feedback have you gotten?

Always! People find it odd if she doesn’t have a bow on! I’ve gotten really good feedback, that people love them, and how adorable she/they are!

What are your future goals/hopes/dreams for Little Pea’s Bowtique?

Beautiful Bow from Little Pea's Bowtique

I am hoping that one day that it can be so successful that I can be a stay at home mommy. I know, big wish. I don’t want to work a 40-45 hour a week job, I’m missing out on too much! Also, I would like to be more custom. I will have things on hand that people can buy. As of right now, I am making a swatch book – so people can make their own creations! And then it will be more special for the loved one or special individual it’s going to.

Do you have a website and/or contact info I can give for people to contact you if they are interested in purchasing?

YES! You can email me at Kamiterry89@aol.com. I can also be reached by phone at 630.301.2238.

My Facebook page is: Little Pea’s Bowtique Please ‘Like’ Me!

There is also pictures on the website of some of the items I offer. Remember everything is custom made, so I can do anything you like!

Little Pea's Bowtique's flowers can also be added to many items for some extra fun! Shown here a flower on a purse from "Bling It On" by Nicole Herra.

Thank you blog friends for taking the time to read about my cousin Kami’s new business Little Pea’s Bowtique.  Hopefully you will check out her Facebook page to see her amazing work!  And thank you Kami for being a special blog post for me.  I love you and am soo proud of you!

P.S. Nicole Herra and “Bling It On” can be found on Facebook as well!


Author: jlee5879

Office manager by day...struggling writer by night

4 thoughts on ““Like” Little Pea’s on Facebook Damnit!”

  1. Hey Jen! I will like Little Pea’s 😉
    PS- come check out my blog sometime…it’s about home decor/cooking and such! You can even “like” my page on Facebook- Corner of Main

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