Get to Know

Even though my “Bad Mom” posts have taken some time to get rolling I am getting positive feedback on the idea. I like the idea of adding other people’s voices to my blog because just hearing from me may get a little bit boring. I mean I know I’m pretty awesome, but after a while talking about my wine and Juicy Couture might get old. 😉

Last week I randomly came up with the idea to start a section called: Get to Know which would feature interesting people doing fun and exciting things with their lives. We all need inspiration from time to time, and I thought, what a great way to help those people out there trying to DO something…those people not spending 24/7 on Facebook (my most hated addiction).

So here you have it. I came up with this and approached a friend about being my first post, not knowing how she would take it. Would she think this is stupid and a waste of her time? After all, she’s big time now and this is just a silly blog full of bitch sessions on etiquette! I figured it was worth a shot. If she said no I told her I wouldn’t be mad, and I really wouldn’t have been.

But she responded and said YES! She loved the idea and would be honored to be my first post in the Get to Know section. Yayy!! 😀

I don’t know if I love the name “Get to Know” so if you have a better idea shoot me a comment or an email at And if you have an idea for someone you’d like to be featured in the “Get to Know” section please pretty please let me know. I know a lot of rad people, but I want these to be exceptional peeps!

And check back to see who will be featured as #1: Get to Know!

Being featured in Jlee's "Get to Know" section is totes awesome...