How Moon Signs Influence Mothers’ Parenting Style

Today’s post comes to my fellow Jlee’s Blog readers from SaeSult, who I was fortunate to find on a blogging site I recently joined called SaeSult’s blog, Girly Stuff, was one of our featured bloggers, and I immediately took a liking to her pieces on astrology, which I’ve always been interested in. I asked her to do a guest blog for us and here we are! I just LOVE this piece she has chosen to do for us mamas out there on the moon sign of mothers. It is a quick read and soo interesting! Please do share it with your mom friends as well! Also, don’t forget to check out SaeSult’s blog – Girly Stuff. She has great beauty tips as well! And a BIG thank you to SaeSult!!

Moon sign is a very important astrological concept that influences how we behave with others especially at home. It can never be changed and because of this, we all will continue to carry its influence all our lives. As a mother, you know that you involve your mind while dealing with your kids. Undoubtedly, this emphasizes that your moon sign plays a major role in their upbringing. Every astrological position consists of both positive and negative sides. The elements of moon sign are no different. If you get to know a few details about them you will be more understanding of how to influence your children’s habits in a clearer or more precise way. Good news is that this post is going to discuss it all. So find out your moon sign and scroll down to locate and read about it.

Moon in Aries Mom: There was a time when you had no wish to be a mother. You just did not want to be held down to a needy being. But now things are different.  Kids and people with moon in Aries go hand in hand. They understand one another. Generally speaking, your bond with your babies is deep. You are a protective mother, but in a very different way. In your mind, only you have the power to punish them (this hardly happens). Others trying to do the same can end up with a punch or slap directly from you or your kids. Yes, you want your children to be brave, prompt and extremely self reliant.

Moon in Taurus Mom: You are fond good lifestyle and peaceful home environment. You want your kids to be their “saviors”. Therefore, you create certain laws and regulations at home which you expect them to follow.  Your intention is good. Children learn best things at home, after all. But sometimes they wish to be out of control. You are not in favor of that. Thus, your home might often change into a war ground. But at the end of the day, you are a natural healer and that is completely irresistible to your children.

Moon in Gemini Mom: You love the society, adventure and of course, a good chat. Your kids experience it all. You buy them trendy clothes. You take to them to movies. You talk to them about the latest happenings. But when things go little too stable at home, your mood goes through the notorious swing and you become off for your kids. Apparently, you do want your kids to be as social as you are.

Moon in Cancer Mom:  You tend to copy your mother’s style of parenting because as a child, you did absorb her personality traits a little more than others. But above everything else, being responsible towards your offspring comes easily to you.  There are times when you sacrifice different parts of your life or overdo things to get them a smoother upbringing. It is just that your love runs too deep for them. Unfortunately, today’s generation wants too much privacy and freedom. Your children belong to it and thus, they might end up thinking that you are actually being clingy and controlling.

Moon in Leo Mom:  You have a very big heart and your parenting style totally reflects that. Generally speaking, you are more like a fairy godmother to your children. You never say no to anything they ask for because you cannot tolerate seeing them in misery. This is wonderful, but does not always work positively. The problem is that since your kids tend to get their every need and want satisfied by you. So they become reluctant to take up the real world responsibilities themselves.

Moon in Virgo Mom: You are more of a traditional mother. Your mission is to make your children “proper” because you have a love affair going on with perfection. When they wear something of their choice you let your criticism accompany it. Despite this, you are not too involved with every part of their lives. You believe in making your children responsible and because of this, you want them to solve their problems independently. Unfortunately, this sometimes makes the children feel that you are too submissive.

Moon in Libra Mom: You are a very open minded mother. It is possible that your children know everything about your ex boyfriends and you are very much aware of everything that goes in their lives. Basically, the definition of secret is not known to anyone in your house. However, when they start to grow up you prefer to give them enough privacy.  Just like Gemini moon, you are pretty social. Your children always get a taste of it as you take them with you to different parties and other social gatherings.

Moon in Scorpio Mom: You love your children passionately. Your parenting style involves a lot of possessiveness. In your mind, your children never grow up. That is why, you believe that the real world is too harsh for them to face and that they are always in need of your protection. The ultimate result of this is that you become very strict and controlling towards them.  You might even prefer them to go out with your handpicked dates and no one else.

Moon in Sagittarius Mom:  You are a very optimistic, convincing and encouraging mother.  As a matter of fact, your simple words help your children regain or boost their confidence level. You love the freedom. You understand that all including the tiny ones need it. Thus, you never tie your children to strict rules and regulations. They get to freely do whatever they like. Nevertheless, deep down inside, you want them to grow up as fast as possible because it would let you have an unrestricted life.

Moon in Capricorn Mom: You draw future plans for your children as soon as they take birth. You believe that your style of parenting will influence their choice of careers and lifestyles. Thus, you program yourself to be an alert mother. Your children at times feel a difficulty in completely opening up to you. It is because you come off as conservative. However, when it comes to school work or profession you turn out to be their best adviser and helper.

Moon in Aquarius Mom: You want your kids to be individualistic and more in love with science, discovery and inventions. As a result, you encourage them to spend more time with educational materials. You seem to think that books are their best friends.  Showing great emotions to your budding children is not easy for you. You feel that you have a lot to say to them, but something always hinders you from letting your mouth open. This often leaves the relationship you share with your children a little colder.

Moon in Pisces Mom: You are driven by your psychic ability in your motherhood. You are very good at sensing what your children need and want. So they are always fed by you at the right time. You often feel that you have spiritual connection with your children. Sometimes emotionally, you can be very passive. This somehow leaves you vulnerable in your home environment. Your children can have a tendency to be rude and dominating towards you.

In case you are wondering…I am Moon in Taurus Mom and it DOES sound like me! Which are you? Do you agree with it?