Happy Blogging

I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately.  I’m not sure why but I imagine it has something to do with the dreary end of winter, fighting with the hubs and a bad bowling stint that left me with scores not even in the 90s.

Then I woke up this morning and it all changed.  For one, I woke up and said to myself Today is going to be a great day! 

That doesn’t always work for me, and I can’t stand people that insist waking up on the right side of the bed guarantees you a fab day.  Maybe for you, but not me.  I encounter wayyy too many idiots in my day for that to happen.

But I am working on that and realize that my attitude affects a lot of people, mainly those closest to me or the poor unfortunate soul who cuts me off in traffic and ends up with a middle finger.

So after having a pity party the last couple days week I woke up this morning and resigned to turn it around.

“IT’S GOING TO BE A GREAT DAY!”  I jumped from the bed and started singing and dancing in an imaginary musical, a la Glee.

Hahaha, um, no.  But, I did say to myself that enough is enough.  It’s time to remember all the good I have in my life, to be thankful for it and to stop being such a crab!

The sun is shining bright, and here in Chicago we are having a 50-degree morning on this fabulous Leap Day, so it doesn’t get any better than that.

Tonight I am attending an event with a friend called Vino van Gogh at Ivy Restaurant.  I’m hoping to blog about our adventures of painting like Van Gogh and drinking vino, ooh la la, my fave.  You know Friend didn’t have to twist my arm for that one. 🙂

Then I come into work, albeit 7 minutes late due to the Chiquita’s diaper explosion – but I resigned to not let it ruin my day – and I receive this email:

Hello JleeBlogger:

Congratulations! You have been featured on BLOGGERS as one of the Bloggers of the day. Your profile and Blog “Jlee’s Blog” has been showcased in Bloggers Home page (http://bloggers.com/) In addition to that you are awarded with Featured bloggers badge on your profile. Thank you again for your brilliant work. Enjoy the latest features and tell your friends to join this wonderful community.

Regards and thanks,
The Bloggers Team

O! M! G!  I have been selected as a featured blogger on Bloggers.com!

Just thrilled to be featured!

I am sooo excited.  I am beyond excited.  I text hubs the good news.  He responds: U a celeb now.

LOL, hardly.

But in all seriousness, I would like to take a moment to humbly thank my supporters.  My blog readers and friends I would be nothing without you.  I thank you for taking precious time out of your day to read my words.  I want for my future a career writing books, and I KNOW I can succeed with your continued support.

Please if you like what you read – even if you hate what you read – let me know.  I love comments from you, and I love when people reach out to me about things going on in their lives.  We’re all in this world together so let’s make it the best we can! 🙂

Have a FAB Leap Day!  More writing to come…xx

Author: jlee5879

Office manager by day...struggling writer by night

7 thoughts on “Happy Blogging”

  1. Thank you for sharing your most intimate and personal experiences with complete strangers. Thank for not being afraid to be vunerable or being afraid to be ridiculed. Through your blogs you show strength. You give yourself less credit than you deserve. Jen honey, you put your all into your blog and it because of this that you have been selected as a featured blogger!!!! Continue to keep up the great work, i am so very proud of you 🙂

  2. 🙂 the moment i saw your profile on bloggers’ homepage, i said to myself, “this is not surprising”. coz obviously, your posts and your blog site are great. so once again, congratulations. this leap day is a memorable one to you. so, happy blogging!

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