#5: Does It Make Me a Bad Mom If – You’re Snooki

Snooki preggers???

My boss comes into the office [yesterday] and asks: “Is Davy Jones dead?”

I stare at him blankly.  “WHO?”

I’m mixing up Davy Jones, Davy Crockett and Leif Garrett.

“I guess you don’t know then,” he responds, which is true, I don’t know.

“Well, the news of the moment that I am concerned about – [I clear my throat for this rather large announcement] – Word on the street [I start again, do they even know how BIG this is?] – is that SNOOKI IS PREGNANT!”

My office explodes in laughter.  I’m not sure if they are laughing about the possibility of Snooki being preggers or if they are laughing that I even care.

Here’s the thing.  I pretend to dislike Snooki, and maybe I sort of do seeing as though she pretends to be Italian, but really isn’t, all the while giving Italian women a questionable reputation, but I think I really do sort of like her given the fact that I actually dressed up as Snooki for Halloween.

And, truthfully, I guess I shouldn’t even go there considering what the Mob Wives do for Italians.  I watch that show and thank my lucky stars my family isn’t “that kind” of Italian.  We’re the Bill Cosby of Italians.

Honestly though, if they had cast me on Jersey Shore say five years ago I’m sure I would maybe be a disgrace to my family – and all Italians for that matter – because let’s face it, alcohol and video cameras don’t always display people at their best of bests.  You know what I’m sayin?  Remember JUST STOP TALKING, thank the lord there were no cameras to film that train wreck!

So, sorry I’m not sorry that maybe I sort of actually like Snooki.  Not those fugly shoes she was wearing though.  Yuck!

Don't you dare go to http://www.SnookiSlippers.com

But what are your thoughts on her being a mother????

I have to admit, my first thought is:  Omg, that poor kid has a short degenerate alcoholic for a mother that humps her friend in a rabbit suit.  I mean, right?  Pretty sure I saw that on a preview during Teen Mom 2.  I watch Mob Wives and Teen Mom 2, but I don’t stumble so low as to watch Jersey Shore. 😉

But, then I think of Kendra, Hugh Hefner’s former girlfriend, and another of my fave celebs (besides Giuliana Rancic, of course) who famously told her mom she was pregnant at her wedding shower on an episode of Kendra and the world (well, maybe not the world, but definitely E! and her fans) were SHOCKED.

I’m sure there was speculation of what kind of a mother can that big boobed, blonde haired former Playmate actually be????  And if you watch her current reality show and have read any of her books (I plan to post on that later) you will know that she is actually a good wife and mother.

No nanny for this mama

And then I think of me.  I was raised in the good ‘ole Midwest, sure my parents divorced before my 1st birthday, but they both remarried and had children by the time I was 4 thus making this lifestyle very normal and giving me a great big family with two different viewpoints and opinions on raising children and on life.

I like to credit my two families for giving me a more balanced outlook on life because of these varying viewpoints and opinions.  It made me see what different families can be like on the inside.  My dad and stepmom were pretty laid back parents who never grounded or spanked their children, while my brother and I were often getting grounded, spanked, soap in the mouth, whatever it may have been to encourage straight As and good behavior.

I once jokingly said “You’re such a Focker!” to my brother (after the movie Meet the Parents came out in 2000).  I was saying it referring to my brother as a dork, and my mom nearly had a heart attack trying to tell me that Focker was a swear word.

“Nu-uh!  It’s a dude’s last name!”

Needless to say I never said that again.

I went off on a tangent though.  My point is such that I was raised a very well-balanced, respectable, nice young woman and look at me now, the crazy still managed to get me.

Back when I got pregnant I thought I was going to be this fan-frickin-tastic mother who was dressing her kid in designer kid clothes and sipping cappuccinos at the local Starbuck’s while my baby sat in herSilver Cross Balmoral Pram baby carriage, which according to The Most Expensive Journal, is likely the most expensive stroller in the world, priced at $2,900.00.   And how hilarious (or depressing) that Snooki can actually afford one!

It's not even cute!!

I never thought I would be the one struggling, or the one suffering from Post Partum Depression, or the one writing “Bad Mom” blog posts….

This is not to say I think I’m a bad mom, but more to say everyone is a mom in their own way, to the best of their abilities, and influenced (whether positively or negatively) by their own lifestyle and upbringing.

Who is anyone to judge?

The “Bad Mom” stories are silly and funny and are meant to remind us that no one is perfect.  We all have meltdown moments.  And what’s a “Bad Mom” to me may not be a “Bad Mom” to you.  I mean, we can all agree I’m not talking about crazy people who lock their kids in attics that you see on the news.  Those people weirdos need to die.  I’m talking about those of us just living life day by day, trying to be good people and trying to make it in this big crazy world.

As for whether or not Snooki will make a bad mom; I guess it depends on time and your bad mom criteria.  According to The New York Post, despite Snooki’s denials according to sources she IS in fact preggers.  Read Snooki Lied – She’s Preggers  and MSN’s Wonderwall for the info.

And remember that many people might think that Madge is one of the best mom’s out there, but I would BEG to ask Lourdes that question.  For one, Madonna doesn’t even let her kids watch TV!  Wonder if Snooki will let her bambino watch Jersey Shore?

If Snooki is in fact preggers I have my Halloween costume for 2012 – Pregnant Snooki! 😀

Don’t be shy…please share your “Bad Mom” stories?  Or if you’re the perfect mother afraid to share what sticks out in your mind as something your parents did to you???  Email me at jlee5879@live.com.