#2: Get to Know ~ Katie Mikolay Gensler

I am just thrilled to announce my next Get to Know special guest who is also a dear friend….


I haven’t been fortunate enough to know Katie since our high school days, but am very grateful for the time I have known her! I met Katie through one of my best friend’s (and my old bowling partner) Kristin, who is Katie’s older sister. Kristin and I met at Bridal Bootcamp. We immediately became fast friends because we had so much in common – I mean, wine and bowling is a great beginning. 🙂

That said, Kristin introduced me to her family, and I am so fortunate to know all of them. They are a great family and have all welcomed me with open arms.

My fave memory of Katie is from the time Kristin took us on a girl’s trip to Punta Cana. By the way, if you’re looking for a travel agent contact Kristin, she is the best! Kristin generously used her travel agent “points” so we got a free trip. Yayy! I do have such wonderful friends!

I had traveled with Kristin before, but never with Katie, and I hoped it would go well because sometimes girls, booze and bikinis can be a complete disaster! We ended up having a GREAT time, of course, and I had the opportunity to really bond with Katie during that trip. We went bowling – yes, the resort had a bowling alley! – played flippy cup with some fun Germans and had lots of girl talk over multiple games of Rummy. I had always liked Katie and enjoyed spending time with her, but during that trip I learned that Katie is a very warm hearted woman who really IS the whole package: beauty, brains and a great personality! Keep reading to learn more about Katie:

What is your current profession? Horse Racing TV Analyst

Briefly describe how you got there: I was lucky enough to land an internship as a media intern at Arlington Park Racecourse while in college. Then after that, the rest is history once – you get “bit,” it’s hard to turn back. I have worked at four racetracks now and counting…

Did you always know this was the direction you wanted to take your career in? I knew I wanted to do something in sports and on TV, but many in this industry are “bred” into it and I was not. But I am glad to be here now!

What has the biggest challenge been that you have faced? Picking winners every race I’ve analyzed. 🙂 Of course, that’s expected!

What is your favorite sport and sports team? Football! Da Chicago Bears will always be my team even though I move all the time, but I have “adopted” the Texas Longhorns since being married. Horse Racing is a must and looking forward to the summer Olympics!

What is your favorite alcoholic drink? So many to choose from, but my husband and I have created the “Longhorn.” (Read previous answer why) It’s orange vodka, Cointreau, and ginger ale…refreshing and delicious!

Who is your favorite shoe designer? I am a fan of Dolce Vita right now.

What is your favorite personality trait about yourself? I am mostly always in a good mood and if something gets me upset, I don’t let it get me down for long.

How do you deal with any criticism you might receive? Like many, I hope to learn from it. I grew thicker skin in the past years because you need it to be able to survive in this business.

I know you are a big fan of yoga. How often do you do yoga and why do you love it so much? How else do you keep that fab figure you’ve got? I wish I could practice everyday, but once or twice a week is satisfying enough. Why do I love it? It’s physically, mentally and emotionally stimulating. I run at least 10-15 miles per week also.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Hopefully still enjoying my career as much as I do now. I would love to work for some major networks. Actually I got a call from NBC Sports to do some work so we will see!

How can people follow you? Twitter? FB? Website? Watch me live down in New Orleans during the winter months at the Fair Grounds and at Presque Isle in Pa. in the summer. My twitter account is @katiemikolay and you can find me on facebook as well under Katie Mikolay-Gensler. Website underway so stay tuned!

Any words of wisdom for Jlee’s readers? A quote I always live by is tough times don’t last, tough people do! Also if a longshot at the races takes early money then throw a few bucks on that horse. The horse gods have spoken!

I’d like to say a very big Thank You to Katie Mikolay Gensler for giving me the honor of being one of my Get to Know posts!

xx Katie, and I hope you will all “like” Katie on FB and follow her on Twitter! 🙂