#6: Bad Mom Says “Damn, this kid is persistent!”

I received this week’s “Bad Mom” story via email. I have to say I was LMAO reading it and thinking OMG, I would totallyyy do that!!! No side note comments from me this time around because as I said above, yep, Bad Mom here, I would totes do it, too. This story has great details and speaks for itself! Love it!! 😀 Submit your Bad Mom stories to jlee5879@live.com.

Friday February 24th (my birthday)!

I had this day all planned out. To do absolutely nothing. I took the day off from work, dropped the kids off at school & daycare and proceeded to start my day. I made it home from dropping off my kids let’s say around 8:45 am. I was good and comfy on my sofa, after taking a bubble bath no later than 10:30 am. I’m sorry, I failed to mention that the hubby was at work, kids gone so I had the house all to myself (how often does this happen, um NEVER).

Omg, I had to be about 30 min into Black Swan and was sound asleep, in dreamland and then it happened! 1st phone call 11:45 am (IGNORE, leave a damn message). 2nd call, 12:15 pm (IGNORE, leave a damn message). 3rd call, 12:30 pm (this continued on for about 2 hrs). Finally, my house phone rings and the TV screen displays it’s my mother-in-law and I answer thinking why did I just do that.

She goes on to say that my son’s school is trying to reach me. The entire 3rd grade class is being sent home due to puking & pooping and my child is the only kid still at the school. As if this information isn’t bad enough, I actually stopped and thought about going to pick him up (HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE).

Is Mommy ever coming to pick me up?

Needless to say my quiet time at home was ruined, but to make me feel even worse when I got to the school, my son made me a birthday card (since he had nothing else to do, while he waited) that read “Happy Birthday Mommy, I’m sooooo sorry I’m sick. Love, your favorite son (this is my nickname for him).” How can you not feel terrible after that!

Story #2

Monday February 27th

Kid is all better now and back at school. He comes home (on Monday) with 2 of those scholastic book orders (I can’t even believe they still have those, my mother used to order books from there for me).

He’s all excited. “Mommy, Mommy I want to order some books.”

I tell him leave it on the table and have his dad look over it. He does this Tuesday, Wednesday and finally on Thursday (after dad never looks over it and apparently I’m too busy) he says, “Mommy, the money for my book order is due tomorrow (Friday 3/2), can we order some books?”

I tell him “wait till I put your sister to bed, then we’ll go over this.” I’m thinking to myself “damn this kid is persistent, he’s not backing down.”

Honestly, I was hoping he would forget. Now don’t get me wrong, myself & my husband both encourage the importance of education and how reading is fundamental in my house. This kid (at the age of 9) has 2 book shelves full of books and both are completely full, so if we missed a damn book order it’ll be ok.

Sure we'll get something for you honey,,as long as we get something for me!

Finally, after days of asking we sit at the kitchen table and begin to go through the scholastic book order (the majority of the books he already has). When OMG, what do I notice the gosh darn Hunger Games Trilogy boxed set by Suzanne Collins for only $21 (this set is at Target for $36.99). Let me add, I was preparing to order this trilogy (on Amazon) before the movie comes out and now I am over the top excited because of this damn Scholastic book order. 🙂

My eyes light up, and needless to say this is the first order on the list. Oh yeah, and we order him a Titanic book and something else. But, whoo-hoo the Scholastic book order is the best damn thing that happened to me all week. Never put off tomorrow what you can look at today and get a great deal!!!!!