5 Tips for Toddler Birthday Parties

Today’s guest post comes to us from Lisa, a mother and guest blog poster.  Lisa writes on the subjects of living with a toddler, parenting and Mario party supplies

Lisa contacted me to do a guest post after reading my post: Ramblings of a Single Mama.  And this could not have come at a better time because the Chiquita will be 2 – yes 2, can you believe it? – this July.  I’ve been trying to decide what to do for her b-day party this year….small or big?  Just family?  Her baby friends? I hope you will all enjoy this post and will check out Mario party supplies!

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Your child’s first birthday party was probably easy. You invited some parents and some other babies. The babies crawled around some while the parents talked. Everyone sang, and you had to blow out your baby’s birthday candle. Before you knew it, all the babies were fussy, tired, and ready to go home. Everyone was out the door in a little under two hours.

Toddler birthday parties are a little more difficult. Most of the children in attendance can actually walk, talk, and get into trouble. The party becomes less of a get-together for parents, and you have to focus more on entertaining the children. This is no small feat. Here are five tips to help you throw a relatively successful birthday party for your toddler:

1. Stay at home. 

Toddlers are usually too young to enjoy a place like Chuck E. Cheese’s, and they might actually become overwhelmed by being in such an environment. It’s usually easier just to throw the party at your home. Plus, when the party’s at your house, you can control all the variables, which you might not be able to do elsewhere.

2. Plan out things for the kids to do.

This is absolutely necessary. You don’t want to have a party full of bored toddlers on your hands. So, plan to finger-paint, play Red Light, Green Light, and watch some Dora the Explorer. Don’t expect the kids to figure out what they want to do on their own. This can be a recipe for disaster.

3. Prepare for spills.

Toddlers will spill their drinks, get cake on the floor, leave half-eaten strawberries on your stairs, fall down and scrape their elbows, etc. It’s a good idea to get juice boxes for the party to lower the chances of spills. Additionally, you should probably have plenty of band-aids, paper towels, and carpet cleaner on hand.

4. Keep snacks healthy.

Carrots and strawberries are excellent toddler birthday party snacks. If you stick with fruits and veggies and avoid sweet, processed snacks, the kids are less likely to experience peaks and valleys of energy.

5. Make your child feel extra special.

By the time your child is two or three, they’ll know that their birthday party is all about them. So, be sure to pay extra attention to your little one. It’s easy to get caught up talking to parents and making sure the party’s running smoothly. Just be sure to give your birthday boy or girl hugs, kisses, and plenty of attention on their special day. The happier your toddler is at the birthday party, the happier all the other kids will be too.

Author’s Bio:
Lisa is a mother and guest poster on the subjects of living with a toddler, parenting, and Mario party supplies.