It’s Just a Blog People

I have a rant.  A Jlee rant.  I’ve been trying to reform myself.  Be a little bit more positive.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed this in my writing or not.  I don’t know if this is good for Jlee’s Blog or not, but really, I just strive to be myself.  I strive to share my hopes and dreams and failures with all my readers.  You know the good, the bad and the ugly.  And I do think I succeed at that.

Sure I want to make people laugh, I want to make people think, I want to make people say Omg, so and so needs to read this and forward my blog to their friend or share it on Facebook.  Sure I want my blog to succeed.  Sure I want to sell my book because of this blog.  Sure I read my blog stats and hope for lots of hits.  Sure I sometimes get obsessive about my blog – do they like me?  Do they like what I write?  Do they think I’m crazy?  I think hope that’s normal.

Sure I speak a lot on Post Partum Depression.  I feel good about sharing my experience with other people because I don’t want anyone to go through what I went through.  PPD is hard on everyone and it’s something that I want everyone to know about and not be ashamed to talk about.  My goal is to continue to speak on PPD and hopefully write a 2nd book about my experience and how to help someone you know going through PPD.  What to do and what not to do… I don’t want other women to feel like a failure like I did.  And I still struggle with that at times.

But what I’m not here to do is change the world.

While I hope that my honesty and experience helps other people – even the Bad Mom stories which just remind everyone that no one – man, woman, grandma – is perfect.  We need to give 100%, but know failure will still happen.  It’s how you get back up and brush off the rejection and move forward.  It’s how you hold your head high and teach your kid to be the kind of person you want them to be.  And it’s how you settle in at Book Club with a glass of wine to talk about life with your friends – you know, it’s not forgetting to do the little things for yourself.

This is what I hope and strive to accomplish!  This is what I’m trying to morph Jlee’s Blog into.  But there will still be some rants along the way.  I’m an Italian girl with a lot to say.  It’s inevitable. [Shrug.]

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of different blogs…a little bit of ‘doing my research’ and a little bit of enjoying what my blog friends have to say.

Omg...I am like sooo smart!

I’m sorry I’m not sorry even though I feel a bit like Regina George…like I think I’m better than you or like obvs I’m jealous because I’m taking the time to post a rant about it….but I just can’t help but be annoyed that there are blog writers out there that think they are actually CHANGING THE WORLD.

Lmao, seriously, are you sane?  I’m not talking about high-power million-hits-a-day political or health blogs.  I’m talking about a simple little blog like mine.  People just like me who are maybe a little bored, a little crazy and happen to be good writers so they decide to start writing a blog and now suddenly they’re the Dalai Lama! Jlee's Blog and then meditate

Hold your horses there, friend, it’s just a blog.

It’s unfortunate because I did enjoy reading one of the blogs which I speak of.  I found the writer to be very interesting and enjoyed the stories the writer would share.  And now suddenly said writer has posted on how people reading said blog can change their lives….you know because of said blog and said writer.

I’m sorry to tell you all, but Jlee’s Blog is probably not going to change your life.

I only listen to Jlee....and the Dalai Lama!

I think why this bothers me so much is because while I can share my Post Partum Depression experience with my fellow blog readers and friends I cannot change things for you, and I don’t pretend like I can.  I think it’s delusional – and honestly dangerous – to post a blog about how you are going to help someone change their life.

People must make their own decisions to, or not to, change their lives based on their own life experience and support system.

We’re not doctors or counselors or spiritual guiders or celebrities …. We’re just blog writers trying to share a little piece of our hearts and our heads with anyone who may listen.