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If you’re like me then your friends have become baby breeding machines.  Four years ago all my friends were getting married, and then two years ago everyone was pregnant, and now everyone is having their second and third babies!

Don’t worry though – not me.  One and done – remember Babies on the Brain?  I’m sticking to that.  For now at least….so you don’t have to worry about reading crabby pregnant chick blog posts from me.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t love babies, and I don’t love baby showers and baby gifts.  Well, I don’t lovvveee baby showers, but I do love to shower my friends with gifts.

With Baby #1 I always say stick to the registry.  Babies require lots of “stuff” – long gone are the days of grabbing your purse and keys and running out the door.  Now leaving the house is a strategically planned operation.

Now I must have my Juicy Couture diaper bag filled to the brim with diapers, wipes, a bottle, a sippy cup, socks, an extra jacket, toys, crayons…and omg, I am so that mom that always forgets something.  Seriously, I’m the mom whose kid went poop and I forgot the wipes.  Luckily I’m a Warrior so I always manage to pull through.

But back to baby gifts…so what happens when you are shopping for a baby shower the day before the shower and like the entire registry is bought up?  Or when there is no registry for mom friends expecting baby two or three?

Sure I can grab a gift card or some diapers but that’s kind of boring and impersonal.  I could make a fleece blanket – you know the one with the knots; that’s about as crafty as I get – but I honestly don’t have the time I used to have anymore with being a full time working mommy and blogger-extraordinaire.  I can barely squeeze in much needed counseling sessions and hot yoga.

So what’s a busy mom to do?  What if I don’t want a same-old same-old gift?  What if I’m not a creative crafty person who can crochet bonnets and mittens?

I totes have your answer!

petiteBox is THE perfect gift for new moms, moms expecting babies 2, 3, or 4 or even a special gift for yourself when you find out you are expecting.

I was recently introduced to this FAB new company, and I love not only the product but also the company’s vision as well.  petiteBox is a new high-end mom and baby subscription service from the founders of GlossyBox (a hugely successful European beauty box brand) and is now launching in the U.S.! (And FYI, GlossyBox is launching soon in the U.S., too, and I totes want in on that!!)

petiteBox says it best (from the petiteBox website):

Not sure which baby products are the best for your precious little one? petiteBox is an exclusive baby box service that sends the latest baby product samples from top brands and wellness products just for Mom straight to your door. Each month you’ll receive a new baby box full of baby necessities such as baby lotion, baby clothes, baby food, calming oils and more. The contents of the baby boxes change each month, but only the best baby products are always included. You will never get the same thing twice.

It’s a great way to make sure your newborn has only the best baby products and save money at the same time. Experts carefully select each baby item and petiteBox subscribers also receive free baby care advice. Giving expectant mothers petiteBox subscriptions is a great alternative to baby gift baskets. Mothers enjoy the surprise and utility of receiving a baby box every month. Each petiteBox delivery is like getting an extra treat you weren’t expecting—and more.

I have to disclose that I was sent a petiteBox so that I can introduce all my readers to this new company!  So exciting, I know!  In saying that I accepted this gift please know that all opinions are my own. 🙂

I am also super excited to share that I was invited to petiteBox’s launch party in NYC, and I am planning to attend the exclusive Mommy Blogger event.  I’m soo thrilled that I can be a part of petiteBox’s launch into the U.S.

petiteBox is differentiating itself from other subscription services by focusing as much on pampering us mommies as it is on nurturing babies.  The company’s emphasis will also be on discovering new products as subscribers will enjoy sneak peeks and exclusive access to the most luxurious and soon-to-be coveted products in the market.

petiteBox consists of a team of moms and experts who are ‘on call’ to support you, and as a new(er) mom I found my transition to mommyhood to be stressful, exhausting and overwhelming among all the other emotions I was feeling.  I’ve had a very public battle with Post Partum Depression (I am since recovered), and I find it soo important for new moms to feel loved and supported.

This is a great company who is all about finding the best for you and your baby – you’ll get lots of tips and tricks to navigate motherhood from midwives and medical experts as well as stylists and beauty experts to keep you feeling the best you possibly can.  Given its beauty background through GlossyBox, petiteBox will apply their expertise to provide moms with the best products to enhance their natural maternal glow, plus pampering at a time when it’s needed most!

I encourage you all to visit http://www.petitebox.us/ and ‘like’ their Facebook page.  You’ll be one of the first to discover this new and high-end service.  And dad’s, this is for you, too!  Here is your chance to shock your wives by surprising them with their own petiteBox subscription.  She can thank you every month for a whole year!  You can also sign up for the petiteBox online newsletter to be placed in a drawing to win a petiteBox.

I’d like to give a big thank you to petiteBox for my wonderful gift – some of which I will pass on to a new mommy friend and some of which the Chiquita has already dug into – she loves the sippy cup! 😀

Ohmigosh, isn't this gorge???!!!

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Office manager by day...struggling writer by night

2 thoughts on “Jlee’s Review – petiteBox”

  1. This is a great idea…kinda of like wine, beer or cheese of the month club 🙂 If they include a bottle of wine, sign me up!! 🙂

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