Another Year Sexier

I know as we have children and get older our birthdays are supposed to become less and less important.  No one wants to get gray hair and start to go blind, I get that, but sorry I’m not sorry that I love my birthday.

My birthday is a huge event for me, and in my opinion it should be for everyone.  Their own birthday, I mean, not mine.  But mine could be a big event for you if you’d like to buy me presents! 🙂

I always say though that birthdays are a special day – at any age – and should be celebrated!  Your mom went through a lot to bring you into this world, so drink a glass of wine and enjoy the day that is YOU!

So blog readers and friends, another year has passed and Jlee is now 33 years young. While I did hit some hard times in my 30s from the black hole that was my post partum depression, I am now truly enjoying all the blessings that God is giving me.

Thanks for reading and please enjoy some pictures of my b-day weekend events!

Fun with my girls at the Cubs game!
Sporting my ‘Another Year Sexier’ pin from the girls at the bar before the game.
The next day Hubs and my bonus daughters took me to see the Marilyn statue!
Soo beautiful!
Walking thru the city we stumbled on a street puppet show!
We then went for dinner at RPM Italian – my BFF Giuliana’s restaurant!
It was so nice to walk around the city!
Posing with my bonus daughters 🙂
My Hubs made my 33rd very special! I had a great birthday!

New post to follow! I have lots to say, as always.
xx 😀