#3: Deep Thoughts by Jlee

I have lots and lots to blog about, but I’m procrastinating.  I’m not sure why I’m procrastinating because I’m super excited to tell you about NYC.  Maybe it’s because I’ve built it up now?  So anyways…since I’m procrastinating why not share some deep thoughts with you courtesy of Tatted Mom at The Inklings of Life.

I’m always honored when blog friends think of me and Jlee’s Blog.  Tatted Mom has been awake each night with anxiety wondering what my answers will be to the questions below (haha, seriously, she says that on her blog, check it out!), and far be it from me to keep her up another night.  🙂

Enjoy her brilliant questions and my (hopefully) witty answers!

1. What motivates you to write?
I have always loved writing since I was a little girl.  I’m not sure what motivates me to write, I just have this profound need to get my thoughts and feelings out, on paper, on the computer, wherever it may be.

2. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate?
I am a dark chocolate girl!

3. What’s one thing, when you were growing up, you swore you’d never do, but now that you are older, you find yourself doing all the time?
Ohmigosh, there are so many things!  I used to hate when we (my mom, my stepdad, my brother and me) would rent movies and my mom would fall asleep five minutes into the movie.  I remember we’d make a big night of it – we were allowed to eat popcorn in the living room! And then my mom would pass out. We’d be like “Mom, wake up!” and she’d mumble something incoherent and then start snoring.  And now that’s me.

4. Uniforms: Hot or not?
OMG I love firemen! HOT!!!! And I love it even better that I get to wave at them now when I’m with the Chiquita!

5. What’s one thing you would do if you were President?
I would stop all this political correctness!  Just say it, folks. Quit dancing around the obvious!

6. Sushi: Yes or no?
I’m more of a meat and potatoes kind of girl.

7. What celebrity do you have a major crush on (keep in mind, Ryan Gosling is taken)?
My new crush is Chris Hemsworth.  I was in love with him while watching Snow White and the Huntsmen.  My husband was super jealous.

OOOO-MMMMM-GGGGGG! Where’s my vibrator? Haha J/K

8. Which current fashion trend do you wish would die?
High-wasted pants.  They only look good on stick-thin girls.  On me – and most moms with the “pouch” that is impossible to lose – you just look fat.  Remember Jessica Simpson?

Sorry Jess…not your best look

9. What’s a nickname you’ve been given?
Snooki. Haha…or really haha? Does that make me a short fat Italian?

10. If you crash landed on an island, which items in your purse would help you survive?
My nail clippers. I don’t go anywhere without them. I even use them as scissors sometimes.

11. Would you ride a broomstick to get around instead of drive a car, if the option were made possible by modern technology?
Um…no. I don’t need more of a reason for people to think I’m a witch driver.  That pretty much happens on its own….haha.

Now to get to the rules… nobody likes rules but you gotta have them!  Rule #1 is to give you 11 facts about myself, Rule #2 is to answer Tatted Mom’s 11 questions (yes, I’m a little out of order here), and Rule #3 is to come up with 11 questions of my own and to tag 11 other bloggers. How lucky for them! 😀

11 Facts About Jlee (you know, to help you sleep at night)

  1. I am terrified of fish, all fish, dead or alive. I can’t even watch fish on TV. I have to close my eyes or change the channel.
  2. I’m left handed. I’ve told you this before, but I love telling people I’m a lefty.
  3. I’m obsessed with Marilyn Monroe, and I have several collector’s items, movies, t-shirts, etc. Someday I plan to have a Marilyn room…in my mansion after I sell Concrete Boots.
  4. I haven’t ridden a bike since I was 15-years-old and sometimes I wonder if I still know how to ride one?
  5. At 33-years-old I’m still terrified of my Papa.
  6. I love animals, and my friend K and I have an agreement that if one of us wins the lottery we will open a no-kill shelter.
  7. Despite drinking wayyy over twenty Bloody Mary’s in an attempt to get myself to like them I still really don’t like them. 😦 I promise to keep trying!
  8. I am dying to go to Napa Valley, and I incessantly try to talk all my friends into planning a trip.
  9. My first car was a maroon Chevy Celebrity, oh yeah.
  10. Once in college I played Mario Kart for 8 hours straight only taking bathroom breaks, no joke. We skipped classes and everything.
  11. Since becoming a mom I have a newfound respect and love for my own mom.

11 Questions that Keep Jlee Up At Night

  1. Batman or Robin?
  2. If you had to give up alcohol or coffee which would you choose?
  3. What is your favorite book and why?
  4. Which Kardashian do you most resemble?
  5. If Doc Brown wanted to take you back in time which year would you choose to go to?  Or forward in time, in that case.
  6. Name one of your bad habits.
  7. Do you have any tattoos?
  8. What is your favorite fruit?
  9. What is your porn star name? (First pets name/First street you lived on)
  10. Animal print: Yes or No?
  11. How would you feel if you were told you couldn’t write your blog anymore?

And now for my amazing blog friends…I hope you will participate! But, if not, feel free to share an answer or two in the comments section below. And another shout out to Tatted Mom at The Inklings of Life…check her out, she’ll have you laughing to death with her great stories!

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I know that’s only 6, but that’s all I got right now…I obviously need to work on discovering some new blogs! And know that I always love to hear from readers, so feel free to answer any question that strikes your fancy in the comments section!