My Second Blogger Award

I’m very honored that my blogging buddy SzaboInSlowMo at She Can’t Be Serious has nominated me for the Blogger Appreciation Award!

I know that my husband doesn’t always appreciate my blog…nor does my mom appreciate my displays of alcoholism and crazy, and I’m sure someday the Chiquita will be telling me what a bad mom I am for posting pics and stories about her on the internet (precisely why I started my Bad Mom section) but it seems as though someone appreciates my work talent babble.

Let me showcase my new award!


Can I ask what comes with this?  Is this like The Apprentice where I can win a Porsche or a million dollars? A bottle of wine? Anything??

Oh, just the realization that I’m awesome. 🙂

In all seriousness, a big thank you to SzaboInSlowMo who has been extremely supportive of my blog and of my writing. She’s sort of like my blogger big-sis. Now if only to meet her for a drink….maybe someday. 🙂