#8: Does It Make Me a Bad Mom If – I Let My Kid Drink Out of a Shot Glass?

The Chiquita is refusing to drink milk.

We took her off bottles about a month ago. Now we are trying to break the paci, but that’s another story….

So now…no more bottles. She asks me for a Ba-Ba every day, and I look into her sweet face with her big green eyes staring up at me, and want to cave. I sooo badly want to cave and say “OK! Stay my baby forever, here you go. Now give me a bigggg hug and kiss!”

It’s like she knows I’m a sucker.

But, I know I can’t. The truth is my little girl is growing up. 😦

I remind her that she’s a big girl.

“Bottles are for babies,” I tell her. “Are you a baby?”

Noooo!” She says.

Side note: No is one of her favorite words so I use reverse psychology on her all the time. Is this a big parenting secret? I don’t ask her if she’s a big girl or she’ll respond no.

But side note cont., back to her favorite word being no. That and Dunkin Donuts. I swear to God, this kid loves Dunkin Donuts. If we pull into a Dunkin Donuts parking lot she screams “Dunkin Donuts!” yet she can’t put any other two words together (thank you is tanks)….that is except Dunkin Donuts. Good lord what have I done.

Since the Chiquita hasn’t been drinking a bottle anymore I’ve tried to give her milk in any way possible.

~ A mini water bottle
~ A sippy cup
~ A big glass which I tell her is “Mommy’s milk” and that I will share with her

All I get is Noo! Noo! Noo!

This kid just doesn’t want to drink milk anymore.

Sooo what’s a desperate bad mom to do?????

What is this neat little glass????? And a straw??? O-M-G I loveeee straws!
Look at Mom trying to take my picture. Let me appear very aloof here….
Wait. Just wait a minute here. What the. What the f*%$ is this?!?