#8: Does It Make Me a Bad Mom If – I Let My Kid Drink Out of a Shot Glass?

The Chiquita is refusing to drink milk.

We took her off bottles about a month ago. Now we are trying to break the paci, but that’s another story….

So now…no more bottles. She asks me for a Ba-Ba every day, and I look into her sweet face with her big green eyes staring up at me, and want to cave. I sooo badly want to cave and say “OK! Stay my baby forever, here you go. Now give me a bigggg hug and kiss!”

It’s like she knows I’m a sucker.

But, I know I can’t. The truth is my little girl is growing up. 😦

I remind her that she’s a big girl.

“Bottles are for babies,” I tell her. “Are you a baby?”

Noooo!” She says.

Side note: No is one of her favorite words so I use reverse psychology on her all the time. Is this a big parenting secret? I don’t ask her if she’s a big girl or she’ll respond no.

But side note cont., back to her favorite word being no. That and Dunkin Donuts. I swear to God, this kid loves Dunkin Donuts. If we pull into a Dunkin Donuts parking lot she screams “Dunkin Donuts!” yet she can’t put any other two words together (thank you is tanks)….that is except Dunkin Donuts. Good lord what have I done.

Since the Chiquita hasn’t been drinking a bottle anymore I’ve tried to give her milk in any way possible.

~ A mini water bottle
~ A sippy cup
~ A big glass which I tell her is “Mommy’s milk” and that I will share with her

All I get is Noo! Noo! Noo!

This kid just doesn’t want to drink milk anymore.

Sooo what’s a desperate bad mom to do?????

What is this neat little glass????? And a straw??? O-M-G I loveeee straws!
Look at Mom trying to take my picture. Let me appear very aloof here….
Wait. Just wait a minute here. What the. What the f*%$ is this?!?

Author: jlee5879

Office manager by day...struggling writer by night

4 thoughts on “#8: Does It Make Me a Bad Mom If – I Let My Kid Drink Out of a Shot Glass?”

  1. I can totally see why she’d want to drink out of that glass. It’s the perfect fit. It also reminds me of another Bad Mom story (there are so many, it’s kind of sad). Seems I left about 3 beers in the freezer and found them the next morning. It was a huge mess, as they all exploded. What I didn’t realize at the time was that the beer had gotten into the icemaker. How did I realize that? My then 4-year old had been getting ice for her cup for days and finally drank iced water in a glass and wanted to know why the ice was kind of yellow. Is that horrible or what?

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