Jlee’s Review – Bare Fruit Snacks

I was asked by Bare Fruit Snacks to do a product review of their Cinnamon Apple Chips. One thing that was really cool was the “sample” they sent me was actually a full bag of chips instead of a mini bag! Big thanks Bare Fruit!

I was super excited to try their product because I am a huge potato chip addict (Classic Lays are my fave) but after 5 Days of Insanity I’m trying to make healthier choices. I’ve even eliminated pop from my diet. Yes, I have been pop-free for two months! GO me!

But, I’m getting sidetracked.

Bare Fruit Snack’s Cinnamon Apple Chips are thin and crunchy baked apple crisps that are lightly flavored with cinnamon. While one of the things I really enjoy about chips is the salt I didn’t seem to miss the salt as much since I still had the nice crunchy feeling in my mouth.  The chips tasted sweet, but not overly sweet.

I will be honest – the first chip I popped in my mouth I was like ewww nast, this tastes like cardboard. BUT, remember, I’m a Classic Lays addict, so of course something that is healthy is initially not going to taste as good to me! After eating a few more handfuls though I started to love them and wanted to continue eating them.

Side note, I actually came home from meeting the girls out for drinks, and when I walked in the door at 11 pm I had the munchies. I reached for the Classic Lays and then immediately put them down. I was soo good at the restaurant; I couldn’t blow it now! I reached for a handful of crisps, and I have to say, they hit the spot! I was surprised that this healthy snack hit the spot after two beers when I was really craving burritos, french fries and Classic Lays!

The Chiquita loved the chips, too, and she is becoming quite the chip addict as well. I need to better her diet NOW, and this is a great snack to give to kids or for me to take to the office for afternoon snacking.

“Mommy, I want some yummy and healthy Bare Fruit Snacks!”

I did take the Bare Fruit Snacks to the office to share with my coworkers, and they agreed on the first taste sort of being icky, but that once they got used to what they were eating they started to enjoy the chips a lot more. One gal I worked with even asked where you can buy them.

So, my review of this product is that it is the perfect healthy snack! If Bare Fruit Snacks sends me another product I will plan to do my 1st ever blog giveaway. Wow, I’m getting so official. 🙂

Here is some additional info on Bare Fruit Snacks:

~ 100% organic for you natural lovers
~ Two servings of fruit in every bag
~ Fat and gluten-free
~ Additional flavors include; Fuji Apple Chips, Granny Smith Apple Chips, Dried Cherries, Dried Mangos, Dried Pears
~ Available at a wide range of stores, such as; Walmart, Costco, Whole Foods or you can purchase online at Amazon or at Bare Fruit Snacks online.

Visit Bare Fruit online at www.barefruitsnacks.com and check them out on FB and become a fan at www.facebook.com/barefruit.