Jlee’s Review – Michael O’Rourke Hair Products

One thing I’ve always hated about myself is my fine thin hair. If I put my hair in a ponytail it is a very sad little ponytail. I have clip-in extensions that I sometimes wear, but let’s be honest, as a full-time working mom it’s not like I get out of bed and get ready for work like I’m a model or something. I mean, yes, I think I dress cute, and I wear make-up to work, but I don’t go all out like I’m going out on the town so I don’t generally wear my extensions to the office.

I’m envisioning the Victoria’s Secret Model in the catalog wearing a hot business suit with her top unbuttoned to show her bra, sexy glasses on, and her hair tied up in a slick ponytail…uh, no, I do not go to work like that.

Back to my fine thin hair, I often try new hair products with the hope that something will do the trick to give me celeb beautiful hair like my BFF Giuliana Rancic whose hair always looks fab in a ponytail or Kim K. with her gorgeous flowing waves. I can’t tell you the number of products in my cabinet – I could seriously probably never buy another hair product again and there will still be hair products left after I die in 60 years, assuming I make it that long.

Side note: I always say that I will be one of those people who lives forever because I’m sort of a crabby person….so like I’ll be that old crabby lady yelling ‘These damn kids!’ out my window, hence why I think I’ll be around in 60 years. It’s God’s evil little joke on society.

So anyways, I was on Groupon (again, I know, I think I’m seriously addicted to Groupon. Here’s my other review of a Groupon product in case you missed it: 5 Days of Insanity) and I spotted this hair product: Michael O’Rourke Rock your hair Big Hair Rocks.

First off, they did an awesome job on the product packaging because I was sold by the pink bottles and the pretty heart bling alone! The product [on Groupon] cost $30 for four products – Big Volume Root Pump, Big Volume Hair Spray, Miracle Leave-In Conditioner and Big Hair Powder.

I was soo excited to get my new hair products in the mail! When the box arrived it was packaged inside this cute tote box! Omg, love!

Who wouldn’t want to get this in the mail?

Here are my four products!

The next morning I excitedly used the new products. First, after washing my hair, I put in the Miracle Leave-In Conditioner.  Then I sprayed the Big Volume Root Pump. Usually using too many products in my fine thin hair will leave it looking wet, greasy and limp. Eww. These products, however, did not! And they smell FAB!

I finished off my hair with the Big Volume Hair Spray which was just sticky enough. I have some sprays that are wayyyy too sticky, and the spray that I’m currently obsessed with is Nexxus Comb Thru. I love the Nexxus spray but the problem is that because it’s Comb Thru I have to use a ton of this product.

I used the Big Hair Powder one evening after work when I was freshening up before heading out for an after work meeting. I have to confess that I often put powder in my hair late in the day because my fine thin hair can get greasy by the end of the day. I’ll sprinkle a little baby powder in my roots and it always does the trick!

But, I’ve never actually used powder that is meant for your hair before…so I was really excited to try this product. When I’m freshening up I dump some (umm..way too much) powder into my hair. And it feels gross. And it feels sticky. But, it does do the trick. My hair has body and looks pretty darn good for surviving a full day of work.

I used it again last Friday night for a friend’s wedding. I knew this time to use a little bit less. That did the trick and my hair looked (and smelled!) great!

Not bad after working all day and having 15 minutes to get ready!

So, my review of Michael O’Rourke’s Rock your hair products is such:  FAS.

Be sure to check out the website for Rock your hair products. They are reasonably priced AND come with free shipping. I’m going to be checking out the shampoo as well because I love the smell of this hair product! FYI, there is also a Moisture Madness line.

Author: jlee5879

Office manager by day...struggling writer by night

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