Lighten Up: Day 1

Today I draw this slip ~ Take a penny (1979), make a wish, & throw it behind you

My first thought is this: The penny – 1979, this is my birth year. The person must know my birth year. As does anyone who graduated with me, but I mean, to actually think this and write this on a piece of paper for me….Hmmm….seems as though it could be a family member?

My second thought is this: Throw it behind me? What if I hit someone in the head?

My third thought: Geez, this is the first day. Stop complaining and just do the damn experiment and write about it for pete’s sake. Then I think, for Francis’s sake and laugh to myself. Oh my gosh, this “Lighten Up” box is making me crack the fuck up.

My fourth thought: Do they even make 1979 pennies and how will I ever find one?

I look in my wallet. I have three pennies; none of which are from 1979, so I just pick one of the pennies.

I take a picture for you all to see/laugh/make fun of. Whatever.

I walk outside. Let’s get this over with.

I work on the train tracks in the suburbs of Chicago so I decide to walk along the train tracks so I can throw my penny on the tracks. I remember doing that as a little kid with my stepdad.

No one is around and it’s surprisingly peaceful. There is a nice, even slightly cool breeze, and I stand there and make my wish. I make two wishes, actually. Is that wrong? I turn around and throw the penny over my head, behind me, and onto the train tracks.

I stand there for a minute and smile. Now that wasn’t so bad.

Then I walk back to the office. Just as I reach the door to my office building I hear a train pass by. I think to myself that it’s God’s way of telling me that He heard me. He got it. And He’ll try. 🙂