Lighten Up: Day 2

Today I draw this slip ~ Draw a picture and mail it to the children’s ward at a hospital

My first thought is: Ooooo, this is a fun one! I love to color! I love this idea!

I take out a blank sheet of paper and my new box of crayons.

Side note: I actually just bought myself a brand new box of crayons because the Chiquita’s crayons are a mess. She loses them – I find crayons in the most random places. Others are rubbed down flat. I hate coloring with flat crayons. And when there are colors missing. Yes, I am high-maintenance about coloring! If I’m going to color I need the full rainbow present and a sharp pointed crayon.

So I sit down to color first thing in the morning. When I’m fresh. This will be fun.

Coloring is actually a very good form of therapy. I was taught this in an out-patient program. I can’t tell you why. I just remember they made a bunch of adults sit on the floor in a circle with a bunch of crayons and draw on a blank sheet of paper. Then we had to go around the room and talk about what we drew, why, and how it made us feel. It was kind of weird, but also very cool.

While I was coloring my picture I decided that because I struggle with anxiety which goes hand-in-hand with depression instead of sending my picture to a children’s ward (even though I care deeply for the children) I would instead send my picture to Good Samaritan Hospital’s Behavioral Health Department. I also enclosed a note of encouragement for any patients who may be struggling at this very moment.

My take on today’s “Lighten Up” experience was that I took a few moments to do something that I enjoy doing – and not just with the Chiquita but for myself – and then I sent it off to people who might really really need something like this right now in order to cope with whatever demons they are struggling with in their life. And that feels pretty darn good! 🙂