I’ve Got Friends in Low Places

Or high places rather. Remember, I’m the future BFF of Giuliana Rancic. I’m not messing around here. I only hang with people who are going places. And one of those people who is going places that I had the opportunity to meet – omg and he’s so cute – is recording artist Anthony Snape.

On Saturday my friend traveled with me to the boondocks of country-living to attend a private tent show at my boss’s home featuring Aussie native Anthony Snape.

My boss and his wife became acquainted with Anthony when they attended a Tommy Emmanuel concert late last year. Anthony has performed hundreds of shows in the United States as Emmanuel’s opening act.

Not only were they blown away by his talent, but my boss and his wife were able to meet the newcomer who has received many awards from the Australian press, including Acoustic Artist of the Year and Best Pop Artist. They have both called Anthony down-to-Earth and kind-hearted, and they wanted to share Anthony’s talent with their family and friends.

So, Neil’s wife went to work trying to finagle Anthony to travel from Nashville, where he now resides since leaving Australia several years ago, to Illinois. When my boss started planning for the event I was like omg, I’m sooo in! I love backyard get-togethers, I love beer, and I love music.

My friend and I made a day of it – she picked me up while Hubs stayed home with the Chiquita. And before you feel bad for him, remember, he’s not a social butterfly so he didn’t really want to go. Which works out fine for me, I figured I’d have more fun with my friend anyways. 🙂

Goofy girls

Friend and I then went to McDonald’s for Sweet Tea and got on the road to make the hour plus drive to my boss’s country home. Everyone loves a road trip out of the city!

When we neared my boss’s house we passed the road we were supposed to turn on – Budd Road, lmao, Buddddddd – TWICE. Yes, not once, but twice. Wtf were we doing? Two chicks on the road; we felt like Thelma and Louise, in the beginning when they first took off and were hot, not the end when they were sweaty felons running from the law. That movie actually depressed me at the end. Third times the charm and we finally found Budddddd Road. Only in the country would they have a Budd Road.

We were sort of intimidated when we showed up. I don’t know why, I guess I was because I don’t really never socialize with my bosses too much outside of work. I’m pretty sure they know I’m crazy (they often refer to my ‘Italian temper’) and they think I’m an alcoholic (sorry I like wine!), but I try not to subject them to that. You know, what they don’t know won’t hurt them. Plus Friend is sort of on the crazy side, too, so this could go one of two ways. I hope one doesn’t end up with me fired.

We pulled our cooler full of Hoegaarden and LaCroix (must-have!) up the driveway. As we walked towards the garage we saw the big orange box. Holy cow, my boss even got a porter-potty for the occasion! So official.

Side note, I did pull Boss aside and request to use the powder room because “I have to like touch up my make-up and stuff.” [high-maintenance, I know]

But the real reason was just because I hate porter-potties. I can’t remember the last time I used a porter-potty. Oh, I do remember. It was when the Chiquita was 2 weeks old and we were walking home from the Cellar Door park. Long story short I had to go soo badly, but I couldn’t fit the stroller inside. Wtf. So, here I am squatting over the plastic toilet seat while I hold up my dress and hold open the door so I can see the Chiquita. This is a true story. This is why I hate porter potties. Well, that and the smell, the lack of toilet paper, the lack of hand sanitation (i.e., soap and water, not those ridiculous hand sanitizers). Now that I think about it, porter potties should be destroyed.

OK, I just went off on a tangent there.

Official Guest Tag

So Friend and I get settled in (we even got these groovy tags to wear), crack open a Hoegaarden with freshly cut lemons (I don’t half-ass anything) and sit down to take it all in. We talk with this very hot and cool chick that we desperately want to be friends with, but who also is a country dweller so that will probably never happen. And her husband was a bit of a tool.

When the show started a bit later we didn’t know what to expect. Anthony performed under a large tent and we excitedly took seats near the back. You know, so we could get up for refills or bathroom breaks without disturbing anyone. We’re very polite.

I’d also like you to know we were very well-behaved, and only did I have one ‘moment’ where I tried to get my boss’s wife to do a shot of tequila with me, luckily she declined, and oh yeah another ‘moment’ of trying to hook Friend up with a man from my boss’s “geek group” by shouting “Oh! Friend needs some computer work done!” which left her actually speechless and praying for a distraction. Even Boss looked at me like, STFU. Oops. I love it.

Back to the show, it was a beautiful summer afternoon, warm and breezy, and when Anthony started to croon the whole crowd was in utter amazement. He played the guitar – and the ukulele – with such ease, yet he also had such warmth with the crowd.

Playing the ukelele…he’s hot
He’s not…

He shared anecdotes of each song and of his decision to come to the US. He told us of his song being played on the popular show The Biggest Loser and how he was so excited, but then when he found out the name of the show he was like – uhhhhh, how am I supposed to promote that? By the way, in addition to The Biggest Loser, his songs have also been featured on General Hospital and ABC News.

Following the show he mingled with the party guests – and we snapped this pic with him! – and he signed autographs and answered questions. And what was so cool was that he was just as delighted to be playing for us as we were to be meeting him and hearing him sing.

I am definitely now a fan and I urge you to check him out!

Website: http://anthonysnape.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/anthonysnape
Twitter: https://twitter.com/@anthonysnape
Instagram: @snapeshots

Also, listen to my favorite Anthony song – the Instagram song! [Actual title: Pictures] I just went to sign up for an Instagram account so I could follow Anthony and share some pics with my readers, and I sadly just discovered that you can’t get Instagram on a Windows phone. 😦 Hopefully soon!

Check back for more info on Anthony – I am hoping to twist his arm into being our next “Get to Know” featured on Jlee’s Blog! Also, my boss’s wife is trying to get him to perform this winter in Chicagoland. Stay tuned!

And a big thanks to Anthony Snape! We had a wonderful time and were so honored to meet you and be a part of such a fantastic show.

Author: jlee5879

Office manager by day...struggling writer by night

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