Lighten Up: Day 4

I’ve had a rough week, so I draw a slip with hopes that I will feel better as the project actually intended for me.

Today I draw this slip ~ Take a picture of a flower, maybe frame it

My first thought is: I love taking pictures, and I love flowers. Actually my new thing is allowing myself to buy a bouquet of flowers from the grocery store when I do my shopping every other weekend. It just makes me feel good to smell fresh flowers and to see them in my kitchen. What’s an extra $5 – $10 on the grocery bill?

My second thought is: I am a horrible picture taker. I love to take pictures, but I usually take bad photos.

My third thought is: Oh well, that’s not the point of the exercise so who cares?

So I get to work taking photos of this week’s bouquet stressing about the colors and the lighting…this picture looks horrible. That picture is fuzzy.

Then I finally let it all go.

As I set up for my next shot I eyed the Chiquita watching me. For a moment I watched her watch me. I smiled.

“Aren’t the flowers pretty?”

She giggled.

“Smell the flowers,” I told her, setting the bouquet on the kitchen floor.

She laughed – a big joyous laugh.

Maybe they’re not the best pictures in the world, but what a memory. Laughing with the Chiquita on a trying day and taking these beautiful (in my eyes) photos.

Author: jlee5879

Office manager by day...struggling writer by night

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