The Illuminating Blogger Award

I was presented The Illuminating Blogger Award back on September 12th, and I apologize to my blogging friend SzaboInSlowMo for being sooo slow at accepting this award.

I am very honored and appreciative each time one of my blogging peers presents me with an award. I’m usually not so slow to respond but I’ve been suffering from a bit of writer’s block. Today I figured it was time to jump back on the horse and maybe the creative juices would begin flowing once again…

That said, I’d like to thank the lovely Sandra at She Can’t Be Serious for this award. I’ve told you about Sandra’s blog before and if you have not checked out then now’s the time!

Sandra is a very witty blogger who always makes me laugh. I love her category Ask the Google Bitch. For a good laugh check out this post: What To Do If Your Boss Finds Out You’ve Been Job Hunting.

And now the rules for accepting The Illuminating Blogger Award:

  • Visit the award site, leave a comment, tell everyone who nominated you, and thank the blogger, including a link back to their site.
  • Share a random thing about yourself.
  • Select 5 or more nominees and notify them that they’ve won the award.
  • Put the award on your blog somewhere.

The random thing I’d like to share about myself: I’m terrified of fish. Dead, alive, fake, on a plate….I’m terrified of them all. I have recurring nightmares of flying piranhas chasing me…I run and run and run until I am against a wall staring at the mass of piranhas flying towards me with red eyes and glaring teeth. Ohhhh Myyyy Goddddd … ahhhh!

I wake up in a cold sweat and can’t sleep with my feet under the covers. Because the piranhas are there…under the covers…and they are going to get my feet.

Holy sh*t, I wanna vom just posting this! #anxiety

This is a true story. I once told someone about my nightmares. He was laughing at me.

“Really? Are you serious?”

You can’t make this stuff up. #crazy

He actually came into my office the next day and said, “Last night I was thinking about your fear of fish, and I have some questions.”

Swear to God…

Select 5 Nominees.  Yayy I love passing the award onto others and hope it makes their day as it has made my day!

I’ve chosen four. Here we go:

The Intrinsic Writer — Katherine has become a fave blogging friend of mine. She always has something positive to say and writes a great blog on writing that always gives me lots to consider about my own writing.

My BIG FAT Blog; The Life of a Fashion Victim — I could not have discovered this blog at a better time, and I actually shared this on FB just yesterday. Lisa is such a beautiful and inspiring blogger from the UK. I guarantee you will like her as much as I do!

Go Momma! — I’ve told you about Josie at Go Momma! before. She is a great story teller and shares all her funny madness of being a stay-at-home mom! I love reading her stories, and she has me in tears every time.

Whoa! Susannah —  Susannah used to write the blog Write, Rinse, Repeat and has now changed her blog to Whoa! Susannah. She is insanely funny and has a similar ‘f*ck it’ mentality to me so I obvs love her! And she’s published so she is officially my idol. Her book is called All Cracked Up.

Another big thank you to Sandra at She Can’t Be Serious for presenting me with The Illuminating Blogger Award. 🙂

Author: jlee5879

Office manager by day...struggling writer by night

10 thoughts on “The Illuminating Blogger Award”

    1. Awesome! Thanks for accepting!! Love your blog – you always crack me up! 😀 I know, it’s frightening right. I almost shit my pants just posting it.

  1. Aww, thanks for the great plug. I’ve had writer’s block for a while myself and need to catch up. I have lots of ideas but sometimes just can’t organize my thoughts. Guess that happens from time to time…

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