No Mess – No Stress Golf Vacation

I’m not a golfer. The only golf I do is mini-golf and the last time I did that I bent the club by slamming it into the ground when I lost my ball in the faux waterfall. Wtf, the person behind me was nudging me, I lost my concentration, I had to pay 50 cents for a new ball AND I had to take the max stroke. Oh yeah, and I had to pay for a bent club. Needless to say that’s the last time I golfed.

BUT, if I did take up golf I would do it in style. Today’s guest post comes to us from Beth Myers, an avid golfer, and a fellow wife and mama who is juggling it all like the rest of us.

Beth introduced me to East Coast Golf Sales. I checked out the site, and OMG, I should take up golf just for the style!

Animal Safari Visor $17.99 off East Coast Golf Sales website
Naples Bay Pink Golf Balls $13.99

Also the golf carts are fun, and I did volunteer at a charity event where my friend and I drove the golf cart around the course selling Bud Lights to the guys and gals on the course. We drank a few too many beers, but at least this didn’t happen: 

Though this DID happen:

And don’t even get me started on DUIs on golf carts????? What?!?

Whether you golf or not please enjoy Ms. Myers tips on stress free vacation golf! And be sure to share this post with your golfing friends!!! More info on Beth below.

Enjoy! 🙂

The number one goal of any vacation should be ‘stress-free’. After all, we have enough at home to worry about, why take it with us on the road? Leaving our worries behind and having few days of total relaxation on a trip is the whole point of going in the first place. If you vacation is going to involve golf, you will want to make sure that aspect is just as stress-free as the rest of the trip. Here are five tips to make your golf trip go smoothly.

–        Tee Times In Advance. This seems obvious, but many people wait until getting to town before making arrangements at the courses. Now that online tee times are easy to make, there is no reason not to look up potential courses and make your reservations. You will be sure to have a spot to play, and also could save a few bucks by bargain shopping from the comfort of home.

–        Extra Everything. You never know when you might lose a sleeve of golf balls on one hole, or sweat through two gloves in the same round. To be safe, bring plenty of extra golf supplies in your bag. Things like balls, gloves, tees, and snacks are all life savers when you want to sneak in an extra nine.

–        Send Clubs Ahead. If you are flying to your destination, consider sending your clubs ahead of you. There are now many services that will ship your clubs to your destination and have them waiting for you. This will mitigate the nightmare scenario of having the airline lose your clubs or put them on the wrong plane. Knowing your clubs are waiting for you, your travel will be less stressful.

–        Smart Clothing. Check the weather local to where you are going, and pack accordingly. Even warm climates can be subject to cold mornings, so sweaters are always a good decision to make sure you don’t freeze during the first few holes. If your trip is taking you somewhere that can get rain showers blowing through, bring a light rain jacket and be sure to fit an umbrella into your bag.

–        Pack Your Patience. Most golf trips head to a resort area of some kind. The reality of places like that, especially in high season, is that the courses will be crowded. You can anticipate rounds that are slower than you are used to because of the crowds and people taking their time to enjoy a new course. Bring a camera to take pictures, keep yourself in ‘vacation mode’, and don’t worry if the round passes the four hour mark.

Golf on vacation is great fun. By being prepared and thinking ahead, you can keep any potential stressors at bay. If you do get stressed, just think back to what you could be doing at home. Dishes, laundry, chasing kids, etc. One thought back to work you aren’t doing at home should make you quite thankful to be chasing the ball around the sunny fairways.

I’ll sip some cocktails and drive the golf cart around this place! One and Only Club, Paradise Island, Bahamas

Beth Myers is a passionate golfer, mother & wife…not in that order :). She writes for East Coast Golf Sales on all things women’s golf – you could say she is a little obsessed. Be sure to follow her on twitter @GolfBeth

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  1. To enjoy playing golf, it is very important to bring all the necessary things that you need. Thanks a lot for these tips! I’m also looking for some golf vacation packages.

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