All Hail the Paci Fairy

With the Chiquita coming up on two and a half we decided it was time to lose the paci. Unfortunately she wasn’t having it. She wasn’t having one second of it. In fact, she started throwing these terrible fits in order to have her paci. When I asked to take her paci from her she’d take one last suck like she was taking a drag on a cigarette.

“This is an addiction!” I exclaimed.

We had planned to break her of it over Christmas break as my husband and I are both off work over the holidays. It was getting so bad though – she literally threw herself on the floor in a blind rage screaming “Paci!!!!” like I was the evil stepmother taking away her glass slipper – that I said to Hubs, “Enough is enough. This kid is more addicted to this paci then my Uncle Frank is to Heroin.”

We decided that was it. Time to go cold turkey.

Well, first after this crazy outburst I looked at the kid and screamed, “Get up right now or I’ll throw that paci in the garbage and you’ll never see it ever again!”

I have to say she did get her little ass off the floor pretty fast and wiped those big crocodile tears from her red eyes. She knows when Mama is ready to lose her shit.

Like a band-aid we decided we just needed to rip it off in one quick tear. That’s it. No more paci.

I was prepared for the kid to freak. I anticipated a really bad weekend and even invested in booze for the occasion.

And then the Paci Fairy was born. We had kicked around the idea of Santa taking the Chiquita’s paci to give to another little boy or girl in need and she kept saying, “Ho-Ho paci, no.”

Afraid that she would end up hating Santa as I do, remember the birth of Bad Mom, and knowing we couldn’t wait that long I checked out the Circle of Moms website and saw that other mothers were enlisting the help of the Paci Fairy. Much like the Tooth Fairy takes your tooth and leaves you money – change when I was a kid, but $5 bills now from some of my friends? – the Paci Fairy takes your paci and leaves you a present….

A really cool present that the Chiquita had been asking for FOR MONTHS!

Friday night when the Chiquita fell fast asleep Hubs and I tip-toed into her room to confiscate paci expecting it had fallen from her mouth. Nope. Paci was safely inside the Chiquita’s mouth. We looked at each other. Do we pull it out? What do we do? It was getting late, and I knew I wasn’t going to make it much longer. The second I got into bed and started reading US Weekly I would pass out.

I whispered, “You gotta take it!”

He whispered, “I don’t know if I can do it!”

“Just do it, rip the band-aid off!” I yelled in a whisper, desperate for this madness to end.

He gently grabbed the paci from her little lips and pulled it free.

We stood there holding our breath.

She took a deep breath and then made a sucking motion with her little mouth.

“Ohhh!” we mouthed and smiled at each other. We did it!

The next morning Hubs was at work when I woke up with the Chiquita. She said, “Mama, paci?” and motioned her hands ‘what the heck’. She had torn apart her bed looking for it.

I picked up the present and said, “Oh my gosh! Look! The Paci Fairy came!”

She looked confused. I had set her up for this a few days prior…the Paci Fairy comes, the Paci Fairy will give your paci to another baby who needs one, the Paci Fairy will give you a cool present…

“Cool!” She had responded until she realized the Paci Fairy takes her paci. Then she said no, she didn’t want the present.

When she opened the present she yelled, “DREAM LITES!!!!”

You can imagine my aggravation when I couldn’t unscrew the back battery compartment because first I couldn’t find a screwdriver; then I couldn’t find the right screwdriver. Meanwhile I have a 2-year-old bouncing around me begging for the Dream Lites.  I ended up having to use the plug until Hubs got home and handled the man duty of unscrewing the back cover.

I was shocked that the Chiquita only asked for paci a handful of times over the weekend. I would nicely remind her that the Paci Fairy gave her Dream Lites and did she want to give Dream Lites back? When she responded ‘yes, paci’ I chose another approach.

“You are a BIG girl, and you helped a baby today by giving her your paci! I’m so proud of you! Let’s play with your Dream Lites!”

“OK Mama!”

Wow, maybe I’m actually doing some things right. 🙂

Enjoy some pics:

“This is cool!”
This is what was left for the Chiquita from the Paci Fairy.
The Paci Fairy even left a letter!
Still loving Dream Lites!