Jlee’s Review – Liz and Dick


Not sure if you caught Lifetime’s Original Movie Liz & Dick, which premiered on November 25, 2012, but if you didn’t I highly recommend catching a repeat.

I found this movie, which is based on a true story of the tumultuous love affair between Elizabeth Taylor (played by Lindsay Lohan) and Richard Burton (played by Grant Bowler) to be equally entertaining and frustrating.

The highly anticipated Liz & Dick was to be a comeback role for troubled former child star Lohan. Of being cast as Taylor, Lindsay said, “I have always admired and had enormous respect for Elizabeth Taylor. She was not only an incredible actress but an amazing woman as well. I am very honored to have been asked to play this role.”

Unfortunately, 4 days after the movie opened to less than stellar reviews Lohan was arrested for an alleged New York City nightclub brawl. Lohan’s seventh arrest came just after a recent sit down with US Weekly about her plans to stay on the “straight-and-narrow”.

Poor poor LindsLo. I’m serious. I actually really like Lindsay Lohan, and I feel like her crazy parents have royally f*cked her. She started out as a brilliant actress – remember The Parent Trap? Freaky Friday? Mean Girls????

But because her mom, Dina, has spent the last ten or s0 years hitting the LA club scene with her daughter while dad, Michael, has done multiple stints in jail and rehab (did you catch him on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew? Yes….yes, I did.) this girl didn’t stand a chance in Hollywood.

Drinking, drugs, Porsche’s and lesbians = my kind of life BUT luckily for me my parents loved me more than money and therefore didn’t try to sell me to the first talent agency upon my acclaimed Burger King performance when I was 5.

But back to Liz & Dick. Let’s break it down…

#1 – Liz & Dick is a Lifetime movie (Sunday hangover channel)
#2 – LindsLo may be a train wreck, but she IS a good actress
#3 – Based on a true story (only the best kind of story)
#4 – Gives an inside look at the life of Dame Elizabeth Taylor

How could this movie be a fail?

As mentioned above, I found this movie to be both entertaining and frustrating. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the screen, but was at the same time yelling ‘why the hell can’t you two just get along?’ at the TV.

Referred to as a modern-day Romeo and Juliet, I was quite intrigued with a celeb romance I did not see splattered all over US Weekly since I wasn’t yet born at the time of Taylor and Burton’s infamous affair. I found myself questioning all my years of loyalty to Miss Marilyn Monroe, and wishing I’d read a biography or two on Dame Taylor as well.

I found LindsLo’s portrayal of the beautiful, complex and legendary actress – who also happened to be a businesswoman and an AIDS and HIV activist – to be quite endearing, as if they share a vulnerability that is cursed by fame and self-loathing. And I do think Lohan emulated Taylor more than the critics believed…

The Liz and Dick; photo courtesy of Lifetime
The Liz and Dick; photo courtesy of Lifetime.
Bowler and Lohan as Liz and Dick in Cleopatra; photo courtesy of Lifetime.
Bowler and Lohan as Liz and Dick in Cleopatra; photo courtesy of Lifetime.

The most unfortunate part of the movie, however, was the chemistry between LindsLo and leading man Grant Bowler. The fighting parts were believable, but the making love parts were like gag me. I kept wondering if Bowler was kissing Lohan thinking, “Does she have Herpes?”

Saw the hate but not the love.
Saw the hate but not the love.

I did enjoy this movie, but I’m pretty easy to please. I loved Lifetime’s other infamous movie featuring our favorite big dicked Bolingbrook cop Drew Peterson. A sucker for based on a true story” flicks especially featuring famous people I knew there was no way I would not not like this movie.

However, because I knew I would be doing a write-up for my readers I did screen it with an open mind. I would definitely watch it again – if for no other reason than to see Liz’s big [gorgeous] rock Burton bought for her “pudgy” fingers.

Elizabeth Taylor Emerald Ring; photo courtesy of Lifetime.
Elizabeth Taylor Emerald Ring; photo courtesy of Lifetime.

My favorite parts were when Liz and Dick were being interviewed….at that time I found them to be charming, realistic and heart wrenching. And how could you not tear up when at the end it was revealed that Elizabeth kept all of Richard’s letters until her death? Omg, a true love story.


Did you catch Liz & Dick? What did you think?

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