#15: Deep Thoughts by Jlee

Look at these sad trees...
Look at these sad trees…

Do you ever wonder what happens to all the trees sitting in parking lots that are never picked to be a family’s Christmas tree?

I started to imagine the trees getting really sad…asking each other “What’s wrong with me that I wasn’t picked?” Or “Mommy, am I too fat?” Or others wishing they could have been beautiful just one time. 

I ended up getting really sad. 

Author: jlee5879

Office manager by day...struggling writer by night

10 thoughts on “#15: Deep Thoughts by Jlee”

  1. I know! I’ve always wondered that too! So sad. Whenever I drive past an old Christmas tree on the curb…I have to look away. It’s like the same area of brain that processes my reactions to roadkill also processes my reactions to the lost trees! That’s why I have an artificial and just light up pine-scented candles!

  2. Jim and I were just discussing this. It should be mandatory that you chop down your own tree so all these trees don’t go to waste!! Poor sad trees

  3. Way to bring me down! You just reminded me of a cartoon we watched last year on Netflix. All the squirrels and little animals decorated a lonely Christmas tree in the woods that nobody else wanted:(

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