Jlee’s Review – Prosecuting Casey Anthony

Our favorite Brat-packer starred in the Lifetime Original Movie Prosecuting Casey Anthony, which premiered on Saturday, January 19, 2013. I sat down to watch this movie thinking it would really entice me because 1. I am interested in Casey Anthony’s bazaar and mysterious story and 2. I was excited that Rob Lowe was to be acting in another Lifetime docudrama. If you recall, Rob Lowe also played our favorite narcissistic big dicked cop, Drew Peterson, in Lifetime’s Drew Peterson: Untouchable.

While part of the Drew Peterson movie was laughable, it was at least interesting. Prosecuting Casey Anthony was a snooze fest at best. I felt that Rob Lowe’s lackluster performance was missing the heart that I expected to see; his character felt cold and clinical…or maybe that’s how prosecutor Jeff Ashton is in real life.

My husband said, “I wonder if his wife is really that hot or if they just picked a hot chick for the sake of the movie.” Hmm, let’s research.


I don't see the resemblance...
I don’t see the resemblance…

He did write a best-selling book titled Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony, upon which this movie is based. I haven’t yet read it, but one review (found on Amazon) says: I would absolutely say this is a must read if you are at all still interested in this case.

Just wondering, has anyone else read it?

One performance I did enjoy was that of character actor – and Chicago native! – Kevin Dunn. His performance drew me in – I wanted to sob with him and give him a big hug despite always questioning how George Anthony could remain so calm in court when accusations of molesting his daughter arose.

If I ever made up some bullshit like that [not that I’m saying she made it up] – my dad would have jumped off his seat and beat my ass inside that courtroom. And yes, even at 22 years old.


Also starring in this movie – which I was pleasantly surprised about – is The Office star Oscar Nunez. Nunez stars as Casey Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez. I love this dude, but unfortunately while watching a supposedly inexperienced attorney win a murder case I couldn’t help recalling this disturbing movie clip:


Sadly I find Lifetime movies starring Tori Spelling to be more entertaining, but as I’ve said before any Lifetime movie is a good one to watch while scarfing down McDonald’s and nursing a hangover on the couch.

One surprise I wasn’t aware of: Casey Anthony posted a video diary of herself in January 2012???

Umm...for realz???
Umm…for realz???

So strange and had me thinking of Nancy Grace’s famous quote on the controversial verdict:

“The devil is dancing tonight.”