Jlee’s Review – Kiwi Crate

I was given the opportunity to review the art subscription service for kids called Kiwi Crate. I had never heard of Kiwi Crate when they contacted me, and I was anxious to try their product because it is something artsy and fun that you do with your child. I’m not a very crafty person, and I thought this would be a perfect way to do some crafting with my kid.

In full disclosure I received this beautiful box of goodies for free; however, this is an unbiased review of the product.

Each month a crate will arrive on your doorstep complete with everything you need – and I do mean everything! Pencils, scissors, sponges, paints, paper, stickers, oh my, I wanted to play with it. Alone. Without the Chiquita. This is my art project! 🙂

kiwi crate 6

kiwi crate 2

We sat down to craft on a Sunday morning. Look at our spread.

See my iced coffee on the table?
See my iced coffee on the table?

kiwi crate 1

Not only do you receive all the supplies you need, but you also receive inspiration! Kiwi Crates are designed by parents, reviewed by experts and tested by kids.

The projects are fun and engaging. The Chiquita was definitely entertained and is STILL playing with her “bug” we made.

kiwi crate 5

kiwi crate 4

While I was at first a little overwhelmed by the Kiwi Crate, I loved that we had everything we needed at our finger tips. No excuses to be made for not sitting with the Chiquita once/month to get our creative juices flowing.

I definitely recommend this subscription service because art is such an important part of development. This is great way to engage your child in a developmentally appropriate project without the hassle of having to go to the craft store and figure out what to make – something I for one could never handle.

Even the celebs are doing it….


Kiwi Crate also features a DIY section!

I think we're gonna have to try to make this little dude.
I think we’re gonna have to try to make this little dude.

They also feature ‘limited edition’ projects, party favors, a Kiwi toy (omg soo cute!)…check out the website. You will surely be blown away!!

Kiwi Plush Toy...so stinkin cute!
Kiwi Plush Toy…so stinkin cute!

The Chiquita and I had such a wonderful Sunday together. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Jlee’s Review – Kiwi Crate”

  1. This is SO cute! It would actually be really great for a kids party or when we have all the cousins over…although I don’t know if my neatfreak self could deal w the mess…lol. You lil chiquita is just too darn cute!!! Thanks for the intro….C

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