Jlee’s Review – The Banana Mask

I recently posted a review on The Banana Diet (read it here) and because I’m on a banana kick I decided to try this mask as well.

It is Dr. Oz’s banana mask and was referred to me by my cousin after I admitted to wanting Botox in the future, like very near future. She said I was crazy and told me to try this mask.

Because I had extra bananas from The Banana Diet and my mom, the Chiquita and I were going to visit my grandma this past weekend I thought it would be something fun to do.

Banana Mash Mask by Dr. Oz

  • ¼ a banana
  • 1 tsp honey
  • ¼ cup yogurt

Mash ¼ banana and combine with a teaspoon of honey and ¼ cup of yogurt. Spread over face and let sit for 15 minutes. Rinse with cold water and gently pat dry.

Seems easy enough. And way cheaper than Botox right?



We let my grandma be the tester – how nice of us right? It was cold and she said it tingled a bit but other than that she had no complaints.

The Chiquita had more complaints as she said we were scary.

I was the next one to put the mask on, and yes, it was a bit cold. My only complaint was that it felt sort of gross on…but maybe it was because I knew what was on my face?

We asked the Chiquita if she wanted a mask. “No! Scary!”

My mom refused to put the mask on at this point because she didn’t want her picture on the internet – LOL – while my grandma yelled, “Oh who cares!”

So here’s my grandma and I sporting banana masks in our jammies. 🙂 Lovely aren’t we?


My mom did test drive the banana mask. She and I agreed we both felt a bit “fresher” afterwards. We noticed the most improvement on my grandma. Maybe because she has the most wrinkles? After the banana mask my grandma’s skin looked much clearer and smoother.

Do I recommend this mask? Why the heck not….but I will probably still be getting Botox in the near future!

What masks have you tried with at home products?