Jlee’s Review – Amanda Knox Speaks; A Diane Sawyer Exclusive

“I was demolished in that interrogation,” Amanda Knox says to Diane Sawyer. Wearing a green dress (or is that blue?) she appears thin and fragile. Her eyes look troubled. My heart goes out to her. Amanda Knox looks broken.


I remember hearing about “the Amanda Knox story” – the young American girl who was accused of murdering her British roommate Meredith Kercher. I remember thinking pretty nice girls don’t kill people! She had to be innocent, right? I don’t remember much else though until I watched the Lifetime Original Movie “Beyond the Headlines: The Amanda Knox Story” starring Hayden Panettierre.

Panettierre as Amanda Knox in "Beyond the Headlines."
Panettierre as Amanda Knox in “Beyond the Headlines.”

Hayden Panettierre took on the role of a young Amanda Knox – the sweet, innocent and funny American girl who could have a dark side. A young woman who was both naïve and insecure but also quite confident, almost cocky … and kinky. I found the movie to be so intriguing that I did all kinds of internet research on the case.

I went from thinking she was an innocent young girl brutalized in the Italian justice system to wondering what she knew. She has to know something…it all doesn’t add up. She was interrogated for hours…in Italian…without food or drink or an attorney present…her story changed numerous times…she admitted to smoking pot…she was having promiscuous sex…

The movie [Beyond the Headlines] portrays Amanda as a bit quirky…but does that make you a killer? I don’t know. Norman Bates was quirky wouldn’t you say?

At the end of the movie I remember feeling quite torn. I didn’t believe in my heart she could have murdered Meredith, but why did I think that? Because she is a young, attractive, American girl from a good family? I don’t think that’s why I thought that. You look into her eyes and she doesn’t look like a cold-hearted killer to me.

Could you imagine being in a foreign country only half understanding what they are saying with no attorney and being interrogated for hours upon hours? I’m telling you, I would crack; I think anyone would crack.

Would I do cart wheels in the hallway and kiss a Harry Potter look-alike? No, I wouldn’t, but who knows what anyone would do in this situation?

After watching Diane’s interview on ABC I think two things. #1 I wished Diane Sawyer was drunk. She seemed quite condescending towards Amanda and annoyed me a little bit. I mean, she starts out the interview asking her if she knows all the things people say about her. Yes, yes she does. She’s the devil.

And #2 I don’t think Amanda Knox is guilty of murdering Meredith Kercher, nor do I think she has any knowledge of who did.

Meredith Kercher
British student Meredith Kercher

Don’t you think she would have cracked by now? This girl was tormented by a corrupt justice system without proper representation. She was told she had HIV. She wasn’t given a fair trial. She wasn’t even in her own country.

I remember when I went to Mexico with my sorority sisters at 22 just before graduation my parents told me one thing: Don’t get arrested in Mexico.

It was my first time out of the country. My parents were terrified I would end up arrested and stuck in Mexico draining their bank accounts while they fought to free me. Funny, I don’t think I even ever told them that I DID, in fact, almost get arrested, but I didn’t. Good times, right?

Remember "Foxy Knoxy"? Shit, that could have been any of us college girls.
Remember “Foxy Knoxy”? Could have been any of us college girls….

But, back to Amanda, after watching this interview I truly feel for her and am now quite anxious to read her memoir Waiting to Be Heard.

images (1)Here is a review of Waiting to Be Heard I found on Amazon.com: I had been loosely following the case from its outset. I knew that Amanda was innocent and she was being railroaded by a corrupt Italian prosecutor. It was important and enlightening to finally hear things from her side. Amanda describes herself as awkward and immature. She was certainly naive. I almost couldn’t believe how much so. That is not meant as a judgment. I would like to think, as I’m sure most of us would, that if we were in her position we would be able to better stand up for ourselves. But would we really? At age 20? In a foreign country? Where we didn’t speak the language well? I’m not so sure.

This quote: “God if you exist…I really need you to help right now” really touched me because there have been many times that I have wondered if God exists or find myself angry with Him…because why do bad things happen to good people?

Amanda contemplated suicide – honestly who wouldn’t? – before growing close to prison chaplain Don Saulo, whom helped her get through her days in prison before she was eventually acquitted and sent home to Seattle in October 2011. Just five days before her interview with Diane Sawyer Amanda received word that the Supreme Court of Italy annulled her acquittal. Knox now waits to go back on trial.

What are your thoughts on Amanda Knox? What do you think about the Italian government’s decision to retry Knox?

**Update August 15, 2013: I just finished reading Knox’s memoir “Waiting to Be Heard”. It’s a very detailed account of her life in Perugia as a college student, her interrogation, her life in prison, her trial, and of remaining hopeful. I highly recommend this book as I couldn’t put it down and read the 457 page book in two weeks – which for me is quite fast!

A quick Google search shows that Knox’s retrial is set to begin September 30th and that Knox is not expected to attend.