Dream Big Follow-Up

On April 4th I posted the article Dream Big to share some of my goals and dreams with you. I promised to be back in one month to let you all know how I was doing…I did post once in between (I couldn’t not post about Foxy Knoxy). Click here for Jlee’s Review – Amanda Knox Speaks; a Diane Sawyer Exclusive.

So, here’s where we’re at (side note: as I type that I’m like, wow, I feel like I’m sitting down with my teacher to discuss a progress report…scary):

Let me start with the GREAT news! I was able to get Safari by Jlee’s wine glasses placed in a local store! Safari by Jlee is launched. 😀

Logo by IT Article

Safari by Jlee wine glasses are available for purchase at The Clothes Attic’d in Naperville, IL. I’ve written about Clothes Attic’d before…remember my post Hello does my butt look good in these jeans? I am so honored and excited to be working with Jen, the wonderful owner of Clothes Attic’d. Please do check out her store and ‘Like’ Clothes Attic’d on Facebook. 🙂

My work on Concrete Boots has been slow but its improved. I’ve written a synopsis of my novel and shared it with a couple of friends for feedback. It’s been edited twice, and I’m awaiting one more round of feedback. I started my letter to the publishers….and I don’t know what to say other than I’m struggling to sell myself in a one-page document.

It’s like a resume. Except you go through your whole job life being told that resumes get tossed into recycle left and right…send out 5 resumes for 1 to be viewed…that kind of stuff. With this I feel such a sense of urgency and perfectionism. Like they have to read it, they have to like it, they have to want it. I don’t have time to be thrown aside. I keep telling myself it will sell because I do believe it will!

I’ve started training for my 1/2 marathon, which is on July 21st. Training is going slow…I’m at 3 miles and there are days I feel like dying. Omg, 13.1 miles?!? But, I refuse to give up. I’m going to do it. This weekend I’m up to four miles….Eek.

I’ve also been reading the book “A Place of Yes: 10 Rules for Getting Everything You Want Out of Life” by Bethenny Frankel. You know Bethenny is my new obsession. I am completely obsessed with her. Sorry, G [Giuliana Rancic for newbie readers], you’re still my bestie, but currently I am in major like with Bethenny.


Anyways, this book has literally changed my life, and I highly recommend it. Bethenny has a way of writing like she is actually speaking TO YOU. I feel like we are sitting down drinking Skinnygirl Margaritas … I read and I’m all “If Bethenny can do it so can I!”

It’s very empowering, and I’d like to share more on why but I can’t at this time. I will though when the time is right. I’ve hit a rough patch but I’m staying positive and continuing to move forward on my goals.

I think that about catches you up on the last month of Jlee’s life. Tomorrow is my 34th birthday so let me share a fun photo from last year’s b-day trip to the Cubs game!

Celebrating my 33rd birthday at the Cubs game with dear friends last year.
Celebrating my 33rd birthday at the Cubs game with dear friends last year.

I am doing a Cubs outing this year but with work and babies schedules aren’t allowing us to go until the end of the month. I will share pics then.

I hope you all have had a great month! I’m going to take the next month to continue my work on Concrete Boots, but I will post occasionally if I can! Thanks for the support and Happy Mother’s Day to all my Mom readers and friends. xx

**To purchase wine glasses by Safari by Jlee please go to Clothes Attic’d or contact Jlee at jlee5879@live.com.