Nipple Tittooing

I heard about this article on the radio this AM. I have to say I was intrigued. As a boob-obsessed chick I was both shocked and surprised to hear that there’s a new trend out there for getting your nipples darkened. My first thought was let’s put this right up there with bleaching assholes. #whatthehellisthepoint

I have had plastic surgery so I am definitely not one to put my nose in the air to cosmetic procedures. I think women need to do what makes them happy. I so badly want need Botox and lately I’ve been toying with the idea of some lip injections….seriously my mom would probably kill me.

But, nipple tattooing? Tittooing as they are calling it.

I read the article fully prepared to make fun of it. #whoarethesechicks

Yes, one of the stories is a bit odd in my humble opinion. After having breast reduction surgery a 21-year-old tattoo artist decides to reshape her nipples into hearts.

Click here to see the pic of 21-year-old Ashlea.

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I think that’s completely insane but maybe this chick thinks lip fillers are insane too. #whoamitojudge

Side note: Are you loving or hating my hash tags? I’m copying this from Brandi Glanville’s book Drinking and Tweeting, which I highly recommend. Super funny and a quick and easy beach read!

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Back to tits…err tats.

I did, however, find that there IS a purpose for nipple tattoos. Bleaching assholes, no purpose found yet that I’m aware of.

Take Janice Day. A 55-year-old breast cancer survivor, Ms. Day had a mastectomy and breast reconstruction.

She says: “The doctor told me they could create a new nipple out of the skin from my vulva – but I didn’t fancy that at all!”

It never occurred to me that getting your breasts removed would result in having no nipple. I thought they took your nipple and put it back on? Am I wrong? I must be.

Ms. Day continues: “I had no idea of the psychological impact of not having a nipple. Without one, your breast is simply a mound of flesh.”

Click here to see the pic.

This got me thinking. As a boob-obsessed chick I remember being quite concerned about my nipples when I was pregnant. They were huge. Like the size of my head. Will they be normal again I would wonder – or I will be destined to have these gigantic gross nipples??

With time my nipples returned to normal, and I’m back to loving my boobs, but what a wake-up call to think about a breast cancer survivor – or even a woman who chooses to get a mastectomy for preventative measures [Angelina Jolie] – having to endure this type of insecurity following a fight for their life.

Being a relatively affordable procedure at about $500 US dollars I think it’s a great procedure to help breast cancer survivors feel confident after the physical and emotional scarring they endure. Getting hearts or stars or diamond tittoos to me is a bit silly, but then again so is asshole bleaching. And lip injections.

Taylor Lips: Hot or Not?
Taylor Lips: Hot or Not?

Read the full article here.

Here’s another article on nipple tattoos. Also from the U.K. Hmm…

For here in the states I found this website while researching boobs: Here is a pic of his work, but do check out his website.

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