Jlee’s Review – Project Repat

I write a lot about how I’m obsessed with Groupon. I really am. I’ve bought several Groupon Goods products and have written reviews on a couple. (Read here and here).

This Groupon, from Project Repat, I recently purchased after I had been eyeing it for some time. The Groupon was $65 for a 5’ x 6’ fleece backed blanket made by Project Repat. The front of the blanket is YOUR OLD T-SHIRTS!

I thought this was such a neat concept. All Project Repat blankets are made in the USA by an individual earning a fair and living wage. For $65 I was giving a $130 donation. I realize I wasn’t being totally self-less here considering I got an awesome blanket out of the deal, and at the discounted Groupon price, but I do hope that sharing this organization with my readers will help get the word out about a company “Cut and Sewn in the USA”.

Project Repat is perfect for (according to their website www.ProjectRepat.com) the runner, the graduate and the hoarder. How true this is! I’m a little bit of all 3 in one…I’m not normally a hoarder; I tend to throw everything away. I’m truly a purger. It’s very important for me to purge, purge, purge, or I get anxiety having too much crap lying around.

But, when it comes to old t-shirts I guess I am a bit of a hoarder. I couldn’t bring myself to discard old sorority tees, tees I picked up visiting different colleges, running and sports tees I no longer wear but could not possibly throw away…I had a tee covered in blood, sweat and tears from the Susan G. Koman 60-mile 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk from 2008. The walk was this amazing experience that sparked friendships and emotions. Even though the tee was starting to yellow I still could not throw it away – it’s like a medal to me of this triumphant event. I had several Italian tees that were starting to get holes in them…see I could go on and on.

I could no longer even close my t-shirt drawer yet I rarely wear t-shirts! And yet I still couldn’t throw the shirts away. I missed the boat the first time Project Repat appeared on Groupon, so you can guess the second time I saw it I purchased my blanket immediately. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results! More on that later.

Here are some quick deets on what you do in case you’re interested in your own t-shirt blanket. You can also get more information on the website under FAQ.

Side note: This would also be a great gift for Father’s Day!

–        For my 5 x 6 fleece backed blanket I needed to send in 30 panels. This means you can send between 15 – 30 shirts. You can use one side of 30 shirts, both sides of 15 shirts, or any combination in between.

–        They are looking for a 1 ft by 1 ft square image to use. If your image is slightly bigger it’s OK, but some of the image may be cut off. Project Repat did a fab job with this because I did send a couple tees with larger images.

–        Project Repat can use any soft material. Think flannels, sweatshirts, dress shirts and jerseys!

Another thing that caught my eye about this great organization is that Project Repat and NuPath, Inc. are production partners. NuPath, Inc. is a non-profit organization employing individuals with disabilities.  The NuPath staff works diligently to train people with disabilities how to do work that makes them feel valued and appreciated. What a great cause!

Photo courtesy of NuPath, Inc.
Photo courtesy of NuPath, Inc.

Project Repat currently has a KickStarter campaign running. See the project here if you’re not quite ready for a bigger purchase but believe in helping the cause.

For more information about Project Repat go to www.ProjectRepat.com. You can also follow them on all social media – links are on their webpage.

And here are some pics of the final product! My amazing blanket ~ love, love, love it! 😀

Getting my t-shirts ready to send off!
Getting my t-shirts ready to send off!

Project Repat teesProject Repat teesProject Repat teesProject Repat tees

Finished blanket...just beautiful right?!?
Finished blanket…just beautiful right?!?