#18: Deep Thoughts by Jlee

I thought of an invention. And the fact that I’m posting it right now is stupid. Really stupid. Because this is a good invention. And someone is going to steal it.

So I’m in the public bathroom at work. I don’t smoke so I don’t generally get up from my desk all that much to walk around – which I should. So when I get up to go to the bathroom that’s like my leisure time. I go real slow. I hang out.

I’ve posted so many bathroom topics. I must be obsessed: Let’s Talk Bathroom Etiquette; I Owe It All To Poop; and If I Were a Postal Employee to name a few.

Anyways, so I’m sitting in the bathroom checking my cell phone and taking deep breaths…sometimes I check my Twitter, sometimes I do my make-up..do some stretches…you know. Yes, all while sitting on the pot.

So I’m sitting on the toilet texting away and when I go to set my phone down on the toilet-paper-roll-holder my phone slides off, bumps my leg and almost hits the floor. I panicked while trying to grab it.

I’m aggravated and thinking to myself that I really need a table in the bathroom. How am I supposed to multi-task when there is nowhere to set my phone or my make-up bag or my book should I choose to read? I mean, come on, this not the stone ages. Pretty soon there will be Ipads inside stall walls so people can email while they take a shit. #nowthat’smultitasking

Photo courtesy of vogeltalksrving.com
Photo courtesy of vogeltalksrving.com

Here’s my million dollar idea…what about a pull down tray in the bathroom stall? Like the kind that is in an airplane. Wouldn’t that be genius?

I go into the stall. I sit on the toilet. I put down my tray. Voila! I now have a table in the bathroom stall!

Take a look:


What do you think???? #brilliant

Author: jlee5879

Office manager by day...struggling writer by night

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