Jlee’s Review – Jodi Arias Dirty Little Secret

Photo courtesy of Lifetime.com. Jodi Arias on left.
Photo courtesy of Lifetime.com. Jodi Arias on left.

In the first five to ten minutes that I sat to watch Lifetime’s Jodi Arias Dirty Little Secret I was like what a snooze-fest. But just as Lifetime movies alwaysss suck you in I got sucked in. I got crazy sucked in.

And emotional. One minute I was all “this girl is crazy” and then the next minute I was like “this guy is a douche bag” – not that I’m saying he deserved to be murdered, but when she said she wanted to be baptized Mormon wouldn’t you see that as a red flag?

It seems to me this is a typical girl likes guy, guy screws girl, guy is over it but too much of a pussy to end it, so chick goes crazy. Where it usually ends though is that chick comes to her senses that she is wayyy too good for said frat boy and moves on. Kind of like a Carrie Underwood song.


But, there are the few scenarios where chick goes bat shit crazy. #LorenaBobbitt

While I’m not promoting murder or violence in any way, shape or form, there is a part of me that gets all Girl Power – yeah girrrrl – teach those men a lesson! Maybe it’s my crazy Italian temper?

I’m also not very religious so this whole one day I’m totally into the church and the next day I’m banging a hot blonde like a wild sex maniac I just don’t get (#hypocrite) but I digress because it’s starting to sound like I’m taking Jodi’s side.

Let me be clear, I’m not taking Jodi’s side. They are obviously both whack-a-doodles if you ask me.

I didn’t follow the case during the trial. I only got really interested in it after the jury convicted Jodi of first degree murder. I read up on the case – I love how there was so much press on their supposed kinky sex life – and didn’t really know what to think. I did, however, tune into Jodi Arias Beyond the Headlines (also on Lifetime).

One thought I had was that Jodi looks wayyy better as a blonde. I did read, however, that she has been donating her hair to Locks for Life from prison. It occurred to me you probably can’t dye your hair in prison.

Jodi while on trial.
Jodi while on trial.

Some other thoughts:

~ Their crazy emails are just that – crazy!!!
~ When Jodi moved to Phoenix shouldn’t that have been your #stalker clue?
~ I don’t see Travis Alexander as being a girlfriend beater, and I do agree that he “let it go on for too long” if that’s something he did in fact say. But, again, that still doesn’t mean he deserved to die.
~ When Jodi asked if Travis is “going to hang out with your little Twinkie right now” I thought Damn, I really want a Twinkie.
~ Travis says: “You saw lust” and I was like OH NO HE DIDN’T. But then I was glad he finally grew a pair of balls.
~ I call bullshit on Travis actually singing in the shower before he was stabbed.

Travis Alexander ~ Always remember the victim
Travis Alexander ~ Always remember the victim.

Obviously this story is sad all around. With regards to the Lifetime Movie I found it to be very entertaining. I found the acting was even quite good – Tania Raymonde had more acting skill then Lindz Lo in Liz and Dick. (See my review here)

The ending felt a bit rushed – and gory – but again entertaining as my eyes were glued to the screen. Definitely a great hangover Sunday movie to catch. And I hope to see more of Tania Raymonde in the future!

Tania as Jodi in an opening scene. She's stunning!
Tania as Jodi in an opening scene. She’s stunning!

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