Don’t Worry; Be Happy:)

There’s a blog I follow about a gal who struggles with depression. As someone who suffers from PMDD (Remember this post?) and has bouts of depression/anxiety I like to keep up with her and see how she’s doing. She also shares inspiration for finding happiness. You should check her out: MissUnderstood.

Anyways, in a post (here) she included a picture of a Worry Doll a friend had given her. It got me thinking. Hmm….a Worry Doll?

I had never heard of a Worry Doll. I have a Worry Stone my mom once gave me. You rub and rub and rub the center of it when you feel anxious. But a worry doll? I liked the idea; the worrier that I am.

I did a Google search and found this website: After a little research I discovered I really love the story behind Worry Dolls:

Worry Dolls/Worry Kitty

The Guatemalan children believe that before you go to bed at night, you tell one worry to each doll, put the dolls under your pillow and when you get up in the morning your worries are gone.

Even better – they also have Worry Kitties!

Aren't they cute?
Aren’t they cute?

I thought the dolls had a bit of a scary face for a toddler and had intended to have the Chiquita carry a Worry Doll as well as me. It would be like our “thing”. Obviously I knew she wouldn’t quite grasp the concept yet, but I still went ahead and made the purchase.

When I showed the Worry Kitties to the Chiquita she was ecstatic.

worry kitty

She refers to him as her “guy”. “Where’s my guy, Mama?” She worries if she can’t find him. She carries him in a pouch. I carry mine in my purse.

The Chiquita kissing her Worry Kitty.
The Chiquita kissing her Worry Kitty.

I don’t tell the kitties my worries or put them under my pillow, but I do carry a kitty with me. If I’m having a bad day or feeling anxious I pull out my Worry Kitty and hold him for a moment and just remind myself to be strong; be brave. 🙂

Is this the cure for depression/anxiety/worry/fear? Heck no! In fact, when I told my shrink about it she looked at me like I was a whack-a-doodle.

“I really think you need to stick to your journaling.” She told me. No duh!

I know this little yarn kitty will not magically fix my life, but he holds a special place in my heart knowing that it’s something my daughter and I both share. Maybe this is something that will help you be strong and be brave! 🙂

Author: jlee5879

Office manager by day...struggling writer by night

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