California Dreamin’

I wish I could say I was dreaming of beaches and warm weather. Instead I woke up remembering a dream of a party, of my friend driving my car, of staying up all hours of the night – until 8 am – something I haven’t done in years.

Also in the dream – a bedroom with the door open. I peaked in and saw two men making out. It was a little more intense than making out, but I didn’t see any penis. I remember one of the guys being this dude I worked with at a pizza place in high school. I was like Hmm…I didn’t know he was into dudes? And that was the dream.

I wish I had dreamed of getting some. Instead I was yelling at my friend for doing donuts in a Walmart parking lot.

At work I keep a dream book. One of my most prized possessions – along with my astrology book. 😉


Let me quick explain – the way this dream book works is you pick out bits and pieces of information from the dream to look up. Mostly things that really stand out. You don’t actually look up “I was at a party and this, this and this happened.”

I looked up Driving.

Then I looked up Homosexual. I burst out laughing after reading this:


I found it quite hilarious that any dream interpretation would suggest someone would “perhaps” find professional psychological advice beneficial.

For 1, who wouldn’t? Benefit from professional psychological advice I mean.

For 2, we all know I have, in fact, benefited from professional psychological advice. Are they suggesting I need more?

For 3, seriously? Homeosexual dreaming = seek psychological help?

I do love this book, and I’m not trying to paint it in a bad picture. I would say the book is old fashioned, but it was published in 1994.

Holy smokes. I stand corrected. It is old fashioned. Super odd right?

Side note: I just had one of those moments when you’re like … wait, what year is this? Let’s do the math…wait! Oh my gosh!

Do you analyze your dreams? Do you suggest any less old fashioned dream books I should try?

Author: jlee5879

Office manager by day...struggling writer by night

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