“Invisible Boyfriend” App

Boyfriend for sale?


Yep! For $24.95 you can have the boyfriend of your choosing. You name him. You choose his age. You choose his photo and personality. He will send you 100 text messages, leave you 10 voicemail messages and send you one handwritten postcard.

Desperate and pathetic? Maybe to some. I read the comments under the story written by US Weekly (see the story here) and many commentators had less than positive feedback.

I actually found the idea of a boyfriend app to be quite humorous and intriguing. Who doesn’t love receiving text messages? Who doesn’t want to feel adored?

As a mid-30s single divorcee I don’t know that I’m exactly excited to re-enter the dating world. I keep hearing, “I can live vicariously through you!” while in the meantime it’s a struggle to even meet a single and a normal man.

They’re either married or sociopaths. Remember Batman?

But, I digress. If and when the time is right I will meet someone. And in the meantime why not have a little fun?

Author: jlee5879

Office manager by day...struggling writer by night

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