Jlee’s Theory on Assholes

{Excerpt from my journal; dated 10/30/13}


Being the bigger person. What a bitch that is. I personally would rather fight fire with fire. If someone is an asshole I prefer to be an asshole back.

However, this doesn’t work when #1: The person is oblivious to being an asshole {Insert name of example-I can’t share mine}.

#2: The person either pretends or manipulates so that it looks like you are actually the asshole and they are not – they’re innocent and have no clue of your reaction or why you feel this way (they know) {Insert name of example-I can’t share mine}.

Or just #3: Blatantly being an asshole thinking they can out-asshole you. In some cases they can {Insert name of example-mine is the antagonist in Concrete Boots} and in other cases you choose to let it go but you let it fester inside you while you’re “free” – so you say you’re free – but deep down you still think they’re an asshole – and you thank your lucky stars you’re no where near as big of an asshole as they are.

So does that make you the bigger person? Or just less of an asshole?

Author: jlee5879

Office manager by day...struggling writer by night

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