Super Fit and Super Hot Pregnant Model

Have you heard about Sarah Stage – the 30-year-old 8 ½ months pregnant model with the barely there bump?


The Los Angeles based fitness model is so tiny at almost nine months pregnant that it’s nearly impossible to tell she is expecting.

The new internet sensation says she has managed to stay svelte according to a strict fitness routine and a healthy diet.

Sarah Stage Pregnant

I know I didn’t look like this at 8 ½ months pregnant, but I operate with a live and let live attitude.

Jlees Blog
Jlee 8 months pregnant in 2010

The Hollywood Mom’s said it best – even though Molly Sims claimed: “She’s not normal! It’s not normal!” – they all stressed it’s important not to judge. See the article here.

Hollywood Moms

All women carry babies differently and as long as she’s being seen by a physician who deems her healthy I don’t think it’s really anyone’s place to judge or shame her. Stage takes on critics here.

According to ET Online, Stage even splurges on the occasional In ‘n’ Out Burger – my favorite!

From Sarah Stage's Instagram. Follow @sarahstage
From Sarah Stage’s Instagram. Follow @sarahstage

I also remember a ridiculously thin Angelina Jolie pregnant with Shiloh.

Angelina Jolie pregnant with Shiloh

Tell me, what do you think of Sarah Stage’s insanely fit bod?


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