Jlee’s Review – “Momma Don’t You Worry” A Children’s Story

One of my favorite things about writing this blog is when people reach out to me. I’ve had some cool conversations and opportunities, and I look forward to the future as I work to re-grow this blog.

I had a children’s story author reach out to me to review the children’s book “Momma Don’t You Worry.”

This children’s picture book, written by Louie Lawent, has just been released by Lady Bug Publishing.


The story is about a six year old boy who feels mom is ‘cramping his style’ by holding his hand at they cross the street. He is a big boy after all!

But then he accidentally wanders off and is suddenly frightened. Where did mom go? After all is only six!

Great book to read to little ones seeking independence but still needing mom (or dad) nearby. The book also tells youngsters what to do if they do lose sight of a parent or guardian.

Cute illustrations perfectly match the story. I have a four year old who thinks she’s “so big Mom” – so this is a perfect read for us.

Check it out on Amazon.com – available for Kindle.

* I was given a copy of this book for an honest review. Great teaching book for little ones who forget they are still little.

Author: jlee5879

Office manager by day...struggling writer by night

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