The Mystery of the Gym Boyfriend Solved – Case Closed

It was a Friday night. My BF from high school and I opted for a night out on the town our high school resides in.

Seeing as though I’ve never left our town (and I frequent the downtown) I suggested she try the new Mexican place in downtown DG.

When we were seated I hadn’t even set my purse down when I spotted HIM.

Him who?

The Him in the workout pants.

The Him with the muttonchops.

The Him I’ve ogled watched lift weights so many times.

The Him I asked out…and the Him that said Thank You. (Read the story here.)

Newly divorced I was scarred by this … I’ve read The Rules … I know The Rules …

And if I’d followed The Rules I’d have known there was a reason he wasn’t asking me out despite the obvious flirting. The watching. The touching.

But I didn’t.

Being the strong Italian woman I am I thought he was intimidated by my youth, charm and squatting skills. He wanted to ask me out – he just didn’t know how. After all – we work out at the local YMCA. Lots of fuddy-duddys there if you know what I mean.

I don’t need to relive the story here. I ask him to go out for coffee sometime…and he responds thank you.

I’ve excused him for all reasons I could possibly think of.
– He thinks I’m ugly
– He’s strange
– He’s gay
– He doesn’t speak English

But that Friday night I found out the truth. The truth shall set you free! (Said in my head as Jim Carrey in the movie Liar, Liar; great movie by the way)

Liar Liar

The truth shall set you free folks.

As I set my purse down and looked to the left there I saw Him. With his family.

Gym boyfriend (now referred to as ex-gym boyfriend) is actually married to a blonde wearing a trucker hat (eww out of style) and two children, one being a teenager, probably walking the halls of my alma mater.

Gym boyfriend shamelessly flirted with me, gym boyfriend doesn’t wear a wedding ring…and there he is, in Downtown Downers Grove sitting there as a beautiful family of four. Probably has a dog at home too. And a mini van.

jlees blog

Oh, BF and I stared. We tried to take a picture. We laughed. And we ate some guac and drank a tequila flight before heading to another bar in downtown DG where two 20-somethings shamelessly flirted with us and bought us a round of drinks. 😉

Author: jlee5879

Office manager by day...struggling writer by night

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