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For a long time I thought I was the only broken person. I couldn’t figure out why I was broken…why wasn’t anyone else…and where had I gone wrong to become this broken specimen?

But as they say, with age comes wisdom, and as I’m now nearing (gasp!) 40 I’ve come to realize there’s a lot of broken people in this world.

It makes me wonder. Are we all broken and putting forth our best self each day?

I like to pride myself in that I’m pretty real. I’m sort of a what you see is what you get type of girl. I’m vulnerable and intense, I’m passionate and flawed, but I will always be me.

Some people like this and some people don’t. While I tend to live life cautiously – a trait about myself I hate – I do have a lot of moments where I think to myself wtf why did I do that, even now.

Since I’ve been divorced now for a bit and had some time to reflect…and maybe because I’ve started dating here and there…I am now seeing just how fucked up people can be.

It makes me wonder if my brokenness is attracting other broken people. Or is the single fish bowl of 40s and 50s a bunch of weirdos. But the question remains – how do I get away from these broken people?

Or do I accept that everyone is broken and try to find the best broken pieces to fit my broken pieces.

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