That Feeling

We’ve all experienced that feeling. “That feeling” quite well.

The one that is unexplainable to everyone but known to all.

That feeling when you think should I stay or should I go?

That feeling when you think how did I get down this road?

That feeling when why does no one quite get what I’m saying?

That feeling when you feel a million miles away but haven’t left here.

Do you reach out or creep in?

Do you fly or fail?

You wonder what tomorrow will bring. Sometimes you don’t care to know.

But what would happen if you didn’t open your brown eyes to tomorrow’s morning sunshine?

Your brain is so cluttered and your stomach so sick.

That feeling is upon you. Why won’t it rescind?

Do you love or say good-bye? Do you feel strong or weak?

Either way there’s that feeling, deep in your chassis.

I pray to God for some peace. I don’t want to feel this today.

He’s testing me for something…but I’m lost in a daze.

I try to stay tough – I’m Italian don’t cross me.

But deep within side I’m a child who’s sobbing.

I’m looking to be rescued but by who? Where? And when?

Maybe there’s no easy answer, the answer within me.

Stay strong and be kind; be loving and free. Don’t be judgy or critical – just find inner peace.

Will this pain ever leave me or will I die in vain?

The smile on my face will fool you today.

My strength is my weakness and vulnerability.

Can I out-run the gazelle? Can I hide from the King?

All I know is my destiny will one day find me.

I will love you today and love you tomorrow.

Hurt me again, yet I will still follow.




Author: jlee5879

Office manager by day...struggling writer by night

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